Oooh, I've Got a Good Book About the Mueller Investigation for Thursday!

ANDREW McCARTHY IS A SMART DUDE And his new book Ball of Collusion: The Plot to Rig An Election and Destroy a Presidency is out now and he's on at 2 to talk about it. Buy the book by clicking here! This book reads like a pulp fiction novel in a lot of ways if you ask me. It really doesn't seem possible, but yet, here we are.

YOU NEED TO GO OVER THE EDGE FOR CANCER LEAGUE OF COLORADO! Our very own Angie is going to rappel down a really tall building and I'm going to help her raise the minimum donation for cancer research to do it! We're also going to cajole Dave into it if I have my way. Register your own team by clicking here!

I WATCHED A TERRIFYING SHOW ON COSTA RICA YESTERDAY BUT I STILL WANT YOU TO GO WITH ME ON VACATION Did you know they have like a million kinds of super creepy caterpillars in Costa Rica? GAHHHH. But it won't stop me from taking a great group of listeners with me next spring break to Costa Rica! You need to go, find out more by clicking here.

HOWARD ZINN DIDN'T EVEN HAVE THE SMARTS TO TEAR DOWN AMERICA IN AN ORIGINAL WAY If you want to know who has done more to damage America and it it's image of itself look no further than the colossal A-hole named Howard Zinn. If you don't know who Howard Zinn is, shame on you, because his Anti-American American History is the foundation of most college history classes at this point. He has ruined generation after generation of college students. And now we find out his work isn't even original. Howard Zinn did exactly what he accused the Imperialists of doing, which is presenting a entirely one-sided view of history where America was always the bad guy. I actually feel hatred for this man in my heart and hope he's rotting in hell. For real.

THAT SOUND YOU HEAR IS CORY GARDNER BEGINNING TO SWEAT Because John Hickenlooper is officially in the Democratic primary for Senate. I don't care what any analyst says, he would have to do something incredibly stupid and moronic to not get the Dem nomination and face Senator Cory Gardner in the general. And that's not good news for Gardner right now based on recent polling. I'm not crowing Hick our next Senator, but the race just got a whole lot more interesting.

I'D WEAR THIS ARREST LIKE A BADGE OF HONOR Two 80+ year olds who have been married for sixty years were arrested for "lewd behavior" after being caught up in a sweep of a park. They vehemently deny any inappropriate activity, but if I get arrested for this when I'm over 80 I'm telling EREBODY cause seriuosly.

I WANT ONE OF THESE STAT I see all of you serious bicyclists with your tight pants and funny helmets and think, "Good on ya" but I have no desire to join you. However, I would be happy to zip around town on an electric bike. Specially a Harley Davidson. That would make me feel like a slightly cooler dork.

WHAT KIND OF MORONS ARE RUNNING SAN FRANCISCO?? As the city faces piles of human feces and used drug needles, they took time out to make sure their WORDS didn't hurt the FEELINGS of CRIMINALS. Ya'll I just can't with this.

CB4 WENT INTO THE ICE DETENTION CENTER IN AURORA And you should watch this story.

NO ONE THINKS NEW YORKERS ARE NICE And this isn't terribly surprising really. What's interesting is that four of five LEAST friendly states as voted by one survey are all in the Northeast. Also not surprising. Would you be nice if you had to live in Jersey?

THOSE BIRDS NEED A BETTER WEATHER APP A horrible thunderstorm cell full of hail and lightning killed about 11,000 birds in Montana. That is not a mistype, it really is 11,000. Wow.

NO KIDS, VAPING IS NOT SAFER THAN SMOKING And one Texas teen ended up in a medically induced coma after his vaping habit caused his lungs to fail. PLEASE talk to your kids about vaping and if you vape, consider quitting because we honestly don't know what all the chemicals in the vape liquid are doing to our lungs. Just quit and save the money to go on vacation with me!

I ALMOST DROVE OFF THE ROAD WHEN I SAW THIS on Parker Road. Just take a gander what some enterprising young scamp did to a construction sign.

THE 1619 PROJECT IS A WORTHY ENDEAVOR BEING USED AS A POLITICAL BLUDGEON INSTEAD If you haven't heard about the New York Times 1619 Project you should seek it out. The Times is trying to put forth a history of slavery in America (it began officially in 1619) and they do a good job, some of the time. I happen to believe that education about slavery should be ongoing forever, just like education about the Holocaust should go on forever. If we stop talking about atrocities, they could be sanitized by horrible people and repeated (this has been true throughout history). But they couldn't just talk about slavery, some of the authors have to tear down America and try to make the claim that America is ONLY slavery. This column in outlines the details. This is all Howard Zinn's fault, may he rot in hell.

DO YOU NEED ELEVEN HOURS OF UNDERWATER FOOTAGE? You're welcome. It's mesmerizing. I can't stop watching it.

I'M SENDING DAVE TO THE SENIOR CITIZEN PLAYGROUND And let's say he's not down with it. Playgrounds designed just for seniors are a thing now.

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