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STEPHEN MOORE JOINS ME TO TALK STEAMBOAT AND NERDY ECONOMIC STUFF He's currently a visiting Fellow with the Heritage Foundation but he'll be in Colorado this week for the 11th Annual Steamboat Freedom Conference and Festival this weekend. Your truly will be broadcasting live Friday from the event, and I think you can still register and go but you better do it today. Click here for all the details.

REMEMBER YESTERDAY'S STORY ABOUT THE COLLEGE PROFESSOR WHO WAS REPORTED FOR QUOTING JAMES BALDWIN? She used the actual "N-Word" as Baldwin had and a white student reported her for hate speech. I got this email about it and think it's spot on so I'm sharing:

When I heard this what came to my mind was how criminals view comming crimes and/or going to jail as a way of building their street cred. What this white student was doing was building his (or her) ‘Woke Cred’. This person gets to strut around campus (wearing a baseball cap on sideways) and brag about how he, a white person, reported this professor for using the ‘N’ word. He gets to feel like he’s done a little(sic) bit to assuage the guilt he has been told he bears for the sin of being born white.
It also reminds me of stories I heard about in the initial years following the revolution in Soviet Russia. Hard-core communists would walk around listening to every lile thing anyone said. If they heard or saw anything they considered to be ‘counter-revolutionary’ they would report it, thereby proving their loyalty. For example, if Stalin was speaking on the radio, you didn’t dare just keep walking past the speaker on the street. You stopped, and you listened. When these kids do this kind of thing, they really don’t understand how fascist they have become. They are the Thought Police of the twenty-first century. Just my thoughts.
Joe from Centennial

I think he's right and to a larger point this is what you get when you condition people to seek approval from authority figures. And frankly it's dangerous.

ONCE AGAIN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT GIVES GARBAGE ADVICE Just like they gave out garbage advice on nutrition the Feds are now giving out garbage advice on of all things, air-conditioning. I saw this the other day and laughed and laughed because Energy Star put out it's sage advice on the best temperature to keep your ac set to. Read this stupidity:

They are joking, right? They must be joking or they don't have any perimenopausal women in their homes. Or older people with health conditions. Or humans who want to live in comfort.

TRYING TO GET MOTIVATED TO LOSE WEIGHT? LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST! Michelle Zellner has become one of my FAVORITE health nuts because she's not all snotty and judgy like other health nuts. She also wants you to find the right motivation to take control of your health. Check out this podcast for the answers!

AND HERE'S A LINK TO LORI LYNN'S PODCAST PAGE! Because her show is cool and fun and informative and you'll be more fun, cool and informed if you listen. Check out Mouth-ful here.

TAKE THIS BLOOD TEST TO FIND OUT IF YOU'RE GONNA KICK THE BUCKET SOON At least in the next ten years anyway. Researchers have found 14 markers that they say can accurately predict your chance of dying in the next ten years. From what I can tell, most of them are things that could be changed with diet and exercise so I'd totally take this test. It would be a great way to put some pressure on people who resist change when told to work on their health. Could you imagine a doctor saying, "well bases on this test, I wouldn't buy any green bananas in about eight years". I guarantee at least some people would change their lives.

APRIL RYAN, WHITE HOUSE REPORTER, HATES PRESS FREEDOM Did you see this story? CNN White House correspondent April Ryan was giving a speech in New Jersey at an awards ceremony for a parents group. A reporter from a local newspaper was recording the event and when Ryan came up to speak, her bodyguard forcibly removed the reporter because Ms. Ryan doesn't like to be recorded by the press. I'm not even kidding. Now the bodyguard has been charged with some crimes. No word from Ryan on her complete hypocrisy and his arrest.

REMEMBER THAT VIDEO FROM THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISTS OF AMERICA CONVENTION? Well someone on the interwebs made it EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS by overlaying footage from South Park onto it. It's absolute magic. Thanks Wine Yogi for sharing!


DOUGCO SUPERINTENDENT HOSTILE THE IDEA OF ARMING TEACHERS and he went so far as to say that any charter school that arms teachers or staff would be asked to leave the district. I DARE YOU, Dr. Tucker, to interfere with my daughter's charter school's ability to keep her safe. I DARE YOU.

CORY GARDNER IS GETTING HIS BOOTY KICKED BY HICK At least in this poll anyway. I do think if Hick does enter the Senate race Gardner is in trouble.

NOW I HAVE TO EXTREME IRON What is extreme ironing you might ask? This. Admit it, you're intrigued.


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