It's a Living: Memorabilia Edition for a Tuesday!

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I THINK THIS RECYCLING THING HAS TAKEN A TOTALITARIAN TURN A woman in the UK was arrested and taken to a holding cell after putting her recycling in the wrong color bags. I know what you're thinking, surely there must be more to this story. There is, but none of it justifies arresting this dame for not putting her recycling in the wrong color bags. This is how a perfect utopia works, you must comply or face arrest. Super.

SPEAKING OF TOTALITARIANISM A college professor is under investigation for accurately quoting black author James Baldwin correctly. What is the issue with that? The white professor used the "N-word" as it was written by Baldwin in a discussion about his work and it's context. A white student complained. We are done for.

KAMALA TAKES A HIT IN THE LATEST POLLS Kamala Harris took a huge dump in the latest polls. Why has she gone from 17% support down to 5%? The last debate was not kind and since I didn't see it, I'll ask Dave, who watched it so you don't have to, what he thinks.

SOMEBODY RAISED THIS MAN RIGHT A waiter realized an elderly veteran could use some company.

WHAT'S AN INTERSECTIONALITIST TO DO WITH THIS ONE? The Palestinian Authority has declared no LGBT activities will take place in the West Bank. Hmmmm, what's a young SJW who loves every victim class to do when someone in one victim class mistreats another victim class? Why blame Israel, of course! That's what Rep. Ilhan Omar did and it's amazing she can do the gymnastics but she does.

I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING A 25 year old man fought brain cancer for eight years. When he died, his beloved dog died 15 minutes later.

HURRICANE SEASON HAS BEEN BLISSFULLY QUIET THIS YEAR But of course USA Today wants us to think this is just the calm before the massive storm. I'm not one to taunt Mother Nature but anyone in Florida will tell you no storms through the summer is delightful and unheard of so it's all good.

CAN WE CALM THE BLEEP DOWN AT WEDDINGS ALREADY? This story is ridiculous. Two brothers with a family joke have been torn apart by the bride AND groom's overreaction to one brother's silly comment at the wedding reception. This is a perfect example of people taking everything too seriously on their wedding day. Other than the vows, the rest of it is just a big party so simmer down people!

IF YOU'RE CONCERNED ABOUT THE ECONOMY, STOP WATCHING THE NEWS The Networks could not spend enough time talking about ONE recession indicator when it happened, but somehow managed to skip entirely when the indicator went away. It has to do with long-term yield and short term yield rates being inverted. They were inverted VERY briefly and while they were it was GLOOM AND DOOM on the news. When they righted themselves, crickets. Is this because a good economy helps Trump? Draw your own conclusions.

LOBBYING COSTS WERE WAY UP IN COLORADO THIS YEAR As the Democratic Legislature passed a whole bunch of new laws regulating some of our biggest industries. The numbers are pretty staggering and making me wonder if I'm in the wrong business. Wait, I have a soul, I couldn't work on the Hill.

IS IT REALLY TRUMP STOKING RACIAL TENSIONS? Heather MacDonald says a big fat no to that in this column. Not only does she say no she lays out some pretty strong examples of how the Progressive Left is doing far more to divide us on this issue.

I LOVE THIS COLUMN ON MEGAN RAPINOE'S PARENTS You may remember the obnoxious Captain of the World Champion US Women's Soccer team Megan Rapinoe. Well apparently her dad is a Trump voter. She was asked about in an article for the British press and it was picked up by but the story about Rapinoe is simply a jumping off point for a column which reminds us that we should be able to disagree and still love one another. It's really nice, although I doubt Megan might ever read it. But her parents might.


FUN FACT, I LOVE JEWEL AND DOLLY PARTON And now they have a song together and I love it so.

WAIT, WHAT ABOUT MEDICARE FOR ALL? Remember back when the Democrats couldn't WAIT to embrace Medicare for All? Ahhh, the good ol' days. Well perhaps they've gotten the message that this is prohibitively expensive and a nightmare considering most people like their current insurance. So now they have just stopped talking about it. Kamala Harris the first to change her tune. From the Washington Post:

The Democratic senator from California is hardly alone. The idea of Medicare-for-all — a unified government health program that would take over the basic function of private insurance — became a liberal litmus test at the outset of the presidential campaign, distinguishing Democratic contenders who cast themselves as bold visionaries from more moderate pragmatists.
But in recent months, amid polling that shows concern among voters about ending private insurance, several of the Democratic hopefuls have shifted their positions or their tone, moderating full-throated endorsement of Medicare-for-all and adopting ideas for allowing private insurance in some form. …
This unmistakable, if sometimes subtle, shift in tone stems in part from Democrats’ fear of giving away a newfound advantage over Republicans on health care.
After the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, Republicans scored major political victories by vowing to repeal the initially unpopular law. But when the GOP seized control of Washington under President Trump and tried to follow through on those promises, they faced a powerful backlash from voters who’d come to rely on the ACA.
Now some Democrats warn of the perils for their party in taking a position that, to important groups of voters, could seem just as disruptive as the GOP’s push to kill the ACA.

Hmmm, isn't that funny? And sad, because this would have been a convenient bludgeon in the general election.

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