I've Got An Action Packed Short Show!

THE AFFORDABLE ARTS SHOW IS THIS WEEKEND! And I've already got my eye on a couple of artists. Find out more by clicking here.

HERE IS A COOL VIDEO OF WILLIE B'S WORLD RECORD! They did it! 170 cars doing burnouts make a World Record!

I'M PRETTY SURE THIS IS A SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE And I really want to know why we are trying to destroy the reputation of the delightful pickle by shoving it into everything from beer to Oreos. Yes, there are now chocolate covered Oreos stuffed with pickles. Stop it. Just stop it.

IS VAPING REALLY SAFE? Doctors in Colorado are looking for people who vape who have developed respiratory illnesses. It seems that some folks who vape have come down with a pretty significant respiratory condition and now doctors are trying to find out why. If you're a vaper with a weird respiratory thing, you may want to call the doctor in this story.

IS FLUORIDATED WATER MAKING US DUMBER? A new study shows an association between pregnant women drinking fluoridated water and lower IQ scores for their children. There have long been conspiracy theories about fluoridation and why we have it in the first place, but this does create a question about whether strong teeth are worth dumbing someone down IF THE ASSOCIATION CAN BE SHOWN TO BE CAUSATION. I all-capped that because an association is NOT causation.

AOC WILL BE VISITING THE LEAST DIVERSE CITY IN COLORADO! Because she's coming to Boulder, where they love to talk about diversity but pass laws that pretty much prevent anyone not white and rich from moving there. But hey, I'm sure she'll love all those white faces!

HAS BASEBALL RUINED BASEBALL FOR BASEBALL LOVERS? For me, the answer is starting to be more and more often, yes. And I'm not alone, here's a whole column about how former baseball players are fed up with the modern incarnation of the game they played professionally when it was still good.

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON'T TEACH HISTORY Or allow simmering anti-Semitism to go unaddressed. Now we have idiotic students on a California water polo team (seriously, water polo?) giving the Nazi salute and singing a Nazi marching song before an awards ceremony. Apparently these adorable little scamps don't understand just how bad that really is because one of them posted it on social media.

POLITICIANS ARE CURSING AT US RATHER THAN THE OTHER WAY AROUND NOW Okay, we are STILL cursing AT politicians but now they are not afraid to let fly with some cursing of their own. The sad thing is I'm sure it polls well as a way to raise "authenticity" and I can't wait to see Liz Warren drop and F bomb as she's grabbing herself a beer.

Y'ALL HAVE TO WATCH THIS LADY GAGA PERFORMANCE And it comes from the Howard Stern show.

SHOULD WE CREATE SOME RULES FOR INTERNET SHAMING? I laugh as much as you do at social media accounts like Passenger Shaming where people post pictures of people doing nasty things on planes, but should there be a standard before internet shaming someone? A New Jersey State Senator has created this question for me over his shaming of a customer who left a lousy tip for a waitress. The senator posted the receipt online with the customers name and some of his debit card numbers showing. The customer says he got lousy service and tipped accordingly. I tend to side with the customer on this one. This needs context for sure.

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