Holy Heck I'm Tired and a Bit Punchy Friday!

I JUST FLEW IN FROM A PODCAST CONFERENCE AND BOY ARE MY ARMS TIRED. HEY-OOOOO! I am probably going to talk about this a bit but not all day because it was SO COOL and you all need to listen to podcasts now.

WILLIE B IS TRYING TO SET A WORLD RECORD! And it's happening THIS Sunday at Bandemere Speedway. If you love cars, or racing or want to participate in a World Record for Burnouts, You should go. Get info by clicking here and Willie is on at 1:30 to chat about it.

THOMAS FREY THE FUTURIST IS BACK FOR FUTURE FRIDAYS! Find out more about Thomas and what he sees coming down the pike, or hire him to scope out what's happening in your companies future by clicking here.

WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ARE WE MAKING A PILL FOR LONELINESS? I am genuinely concerned about the loneliness epidemic in this country but I hate this story with the fire of 1,000 suns. Pharmacologists are trying to make a flipping PILL for loneliness. SERIOUSLY??? Can't we just figure out how to help lonely people connect? Ugh.

NOT A MORNING PERSON? IT MIGHT BE YOUR GENETICS This is very interesting to me, because I am a morning person. But not TOO early. I generally wake up on my own by 6 am and I am definitely at my best first thing in the morning. So was my Dad. And now a scientist says it may be a genetic predisposition for some people he calls Super Larks. I'm just a Pretty Good Lark I guess compared to these folks.


MORAL CASE FOR CONCEALED CARRY ON CAMPUS This was written by a college professor who carries concealed in his classroom and he makes a really GREAT argument for carrying a firearm on campus. It would be nice if this line of thinking spread.

HAPPY 115TH BIRTHDAY! And unlike our sad friend in the former Soviet Union who only had one happy day in her life, Hester Ford was surrounded by family to celebrate her 115th spin around the big blue marble.

JIMMY KIMMEL'S TEAM IS DUMMIES IF THEY DIDN'T KNOW THIS ALREADY Apparently the strident and earnest comedian used an EAS alert tone in a comedy bit about President Trump. You can't do that. Now ABC has to shell out $395,000 in fines. Heh. We have to sit through training EVERY YEAR where they tell us this stuff.

AT LEAST IT'S NOT FLORIDA MAN THIS TIME Although look at this raccoons face as he realizes he's stuck in a vending machine. In Florida, of course.

WHAT THINGS DO PEOPLE SAY TO YOU THAT MAKE YOU ROLL YOUR EYES? Mine from today is "you can sleep on the plane." No, no I can't. So stop saying it to me.

WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE WHO DON'T CHANGE THEIR UNDERWEAR??? Talk about a survey I could have lived without ever seeing, but since I've seen it, you're going to see it, dang it. Nearly HALF of Americans don't change their underwear every day. WHAT THE HELL????

THIS VIDEO OUT OF THE SPRINGS LOOKS VERY, VERY BAD FOR THE SPRINGS POLICE DEPARTMENT As it shows police officers shooting a suspect in the back as he was running away. That being said, the officers involved were investigating an armed robbery and seem to have followed proper procedure, quite politely by the way, before shooting De'Von Bailey in the back as he ran away. Could he have been armed? Absolutely. Could he have been dangerous? Absolutely. This is awful but not as cut and dried as it seems at first glance.

FIVE SENATORS DON'T UNDERSTAND SEPARATION OF POWERS AT ALL As they took it upon themselves to send an "amicus" brief about a gun case from New York that they fear will shoot holes in uber restrictive fun laws. The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board takes it on here and they are not kind to this bunch of nincompoops.

THE BUSYBODIES ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING AND TOM'S DINER IS GOING DOWN The five people who inserted themselves into Tom Messina's returirement plans have come to their senses and stopped the petition to make the building a historic landmark. Now Tom can cash out and retire and good for him!

ISRAEL PULLED THE ROPE-A-DOPE ON RASHIDA TALIB AND SHE FOLDS I didn't see this peeing match this week but it's not surprising at all. Rep. Rashida Talib, the rabidly Anti-Israel Congresswoman SAID she wanted to go see her grandmother. Israel said you hate us so go pound sand. The she announced she wasn't going, but this was tweeted out by the Interior Minister for Israel:

So Talib had NO intention on visiting her grandmother for "the last time", she just wanted to bludgeon Israel with her request. And they showed her.

DEAR LONE TREE, PLEASE SPEED THROUGH THIS APPROVAL OF AN IN-N-OUT BURGER, THANK YOU Y'all In-N-Out burger may be finally coming to the metro! And it's close to our office! WOOT!

THESE KIDS ARE GOING TO FEEL THE SAME WAY YOU FEEL ABOUT YOUR GOTH PHASE SOMEDAY And I'm talking about these teenagers who are declaring "gender is over" as they wear genderless clothing or something. News flash, most women want to wear clothes that flatter a female body, unless they are wearing their man's jeans because those are super cute. I actually want to make a note to follow up with these kids in twenty years to see where they are.

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