It's a Word Nerd Monday with Charles Harrington Elster!

CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER SHOULD TALK And he does, about language and grammar and whatnot, starting today at 2pm so get your word questions ready! Find his website with tons of other cool stuff and information by clicking here.

JEFFREY EPSTEIN GOT SUICIDED And I know it's SUPER irresponsible to spread conspiracy stories BUT SERIOUSLY RIGHT NOW??? Dude gets dead in prison after being harmed two weeks ago somehow the day after the first batch of name dropping documents are released? SERIOUSLY?? Oh, and his cellmate was transferred just hours before for reasons no one knows, the guards were on extreme overtime shifts and no one checked on a man previously on suicide watch for HOURS before he was found dead? And they don't want me to spread conspiracy theories? SERIOUSLY. And guess what? He allegedly kept a very detailed secret diary as an "insurance policy". Wonder where that is now?

PUT JUDITH MILLER IN THE I-AIN'T-BUYING-IT CAMP And she's written a pretty descriptive column of what it's actually like being in jail from someone who's been in jail. She says no way Jeffrey Epstein killed himself.

I'D STILL LIKE TO KNOW HOW EPSTEIN GOT THAT SWEETHEART DEAL and I'm not alone. Carl Hiassen is asking the same questions. His latest column also outlines the outrageous special treatment Epstein got when he was supposedly "serving his time".

A MEDICAL ADVANCE FROM THE 19TH CENTURY? I'm talking about leeches, which are making a comeback as a holistic medical treatment. They can comeback all they want but JUST NO. For me anyway. Read about this new/old trend here.

MILEY CYRUS AND HER NEW HUSBAND HAVE BROKEN UP And no, the blog hasn't become a gossip rag, but I included this to make a bigger point about Hollywood celebrities and the damage they've done to family structure in this country. Miley and Liam were married a WHOLE seven months! And now it's over. Sigh. I thought it was forever. Why do we give any celebrity any credibility when it comes to anything other than what they do as a craft? Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are lots of celebrities who are super smart about stuff, but shouldn't we make them earn their street cred?

NEW YORK CITY CAVES ON ONE ASPECT OF GUN CONTROL Because they don't want their gun control efforts to be adjudicated by a right leaning Supreme Court. Think about that for a second. They KNOW their laws are unconstitutional and the only way to keep them is to keep them from being heard by the Supreme Court. To prevent this, they've dropped an insane law that said that legally permitted gun owners can't transport their weapons anywhere except to approved gun ranges in the state. We'll see what happens next.

BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR WOMAN HATERS If you want to know who is likely to commit the next big atrocity. This article in the New York Times draws connections between men who hate women and mass shootings and it's pretty compelling. I interviewed someone once (no clue who, sorry) who said of the Middle East that polygamy had created an entire class of men who had no prospects for getting married because rich men had taken all the wives. He said he believed this class of men was more likely to turn to terrorism and extremism because they had no relationships and family. It sounds much like the argument being made in this article.

METH IS ON THE RISE IN COLORADO Partially because it's pouring over the southern border that we don't need to do anything about, amiright? Meth is now an even bigger problem than heroin in Colorado. Super. Read this very depressing article and make sure to talk to your kids and show them these pictures of what happens when you become a meth head.

PROFESSOR ROB NATELSON EXPLAINS THE ESTABLISHMENT CLAUSE We all know government can't establish a religion, but why is that even in the Bill of Rights? Professor Rob Natelson explains the thinking behind it and why we need to have a better understanding of what that means today.

IS THE ROCKIES CULTURE THE PROBLEM? Good grief the Rockies have sucked this year. They aren't the worst team in baseball, but they have too much talent to be playing like they've been playing. Could it be the culture? Read this about the Yankees vs. the Rockies when it comes to team culture. It's not flattering.


TIME FOR MONDAYS WITH MILTON And this quick clip is as important today as it was when he gave the speech.

ILLINOIS HAS A HUGE PENSION CRISIS AND WE ARE NEXT This is an interesting article about what Illinois did to drive it's pension system into near insolvency. We should pay attention because we are very close to doing the same things.

SIMONE BILES IS CURRENTLY THE GREATEST GYMNAST EVER And she just keeps getting better. I am a huge fan girl for this tiny package of dynamite and she just landed not one, but TWO moves that no one else had ever landed to win another national championship. She's amazing!

WOKENESS ARRIVES AT THE PAN AM GAMES First by a female hammer thrower who raised her fist and lowered her head for the anthem, then a fencer, who took a knee during the anthem. They face sanctions and I totally don't care what their deal is. I just don't care.

STOP STARING AT THE SCREEN KID, YOU'LL GO BLIND! And this is only slightly hyberbolic. There has been a sharp uptick in the number of teens needing glasses. Why? Screen time.


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