So Where Were You Guys Yesterday??

AHEM, WE DID A SHOW YESTERDAY And you missed it. One thing I did not want you to miss was the interview with Tom Messina from Tom's Diner, who is about to have his life's work devalued and stolen by some busybody do-gooders who have no business interfering with his life and business. We shall replay it today!

LARRY THE CABLE GUY IS ON TODAY! Fun fact, my first job in radio was in Orlando. On the rock station there a guy used to call in all the time and do a bit as Larry the Cable Guy. Fast forward to now, he's a HUGE star and household name. I'll talk to my old co-worker (who probably doesn't remember me) today at 3. He's at the Belco Theater this weekend and there were a few tickets left when I checked this morning but if you want to go click here and buy them!

ANOTHER MASS MURDER BUT THIS ONE IS INCONVENIENT Because the guys used a knife to kill 4 people. Why? He as angry.

WANT A GREAT JOB THAT PEOPLE LOVE AND HAS A LOT OF OPENINGS? Check this list of such jobs, and they do exist.

REMEMBER THE KERFUFFLE OVER PRESIDENT TRUMP'S COMMENTS ON BALTIMORE? The news media has moved on because what he said was true. Watch this video done by an interesting channel on YouTube called Fleccas. He's not a shock jock trying to own the libs, he usually tried to seek out common ground. He sent his people to Baltimore and this is what they found.


LONELINESS IS A HUMAN CATASTROPHE We've talked about it a lot recently because I believe it is part of the cultural rot driving so much of the insanity in this world. This article, which is actually a book review of sorts, delves deeply into how the sexual revolution has lead to a revolution of loneliness. It's a great read and very worth your time.

WHY ARE WORKING CLASS VALUES SO UNINTERESTING TO MEDIA ELITES? This is an essay about writing essays. In it the author explains that as a "working class stiff" who also writes, he finally figured out the formula to get the "big city papers" to publish is essays about working class life. Find out what the KISSASS method is all about here.

NOW THE DSA HAS LOST...THE DSA? When the Democratic Socialist of America lose their appeal to a self-avowed Marxist, is there any hope of even going on? I'd say no. But this story made me laugh because I had a similar experience in the Libertarian Party. This is why fringe will always be fringe. Read this snippet:

To be blunt, DSA has a race and gender problem, and the problem is white men. At every meeting, white men were expected to sit in obedient silence as matters of importance were discussed; a parliamentary procedure called “progressive stack” (which will be familiar to those who remember Occupy) discourages white men from speaking, regardless of the validity of their point, and promotes people of color and women to share their thoughts, no matter how inane those thoughts are. We have a term for this kind of policy—“racial discrimination.”
It ought to be possible to ensure people of color and women have a fair say without actively suppressing the voices of others. But the white men in attendance were not about to make a suggestion like that. Instead, when they were permitted to speak, they verbally flogged themselves before the assembled delegates like terrified religious fanatics confessing sins—white men suck, white men are terrible, white men are oppressive, we must do better, and so on.

And this is what's taking over the Democrat party. Good luck with that, comrades.

WONDERING WHO IS BEHIND CERTAIN POLITICAL ADS? Especially the one asking you to call Cory Gardner about price setting? 9News tried to find out.

WHO SAYS TRANSGENDER WOMEN AND BIOLOGICAL WOMEN ARE NOT THE SAME? SCIENCE, THAT'S WHO This article from The Federalist is about a study on whether or not elite transgender athletes retain a tolerable or intolerable unfairness when competing against biological women. Just read the abstract:

The inclusion of elite transwomen athletes in sport is controversial. The recent International Olympic Committee (IOC) (2015) guidelines allow transwomen to compete in the women’s division if (amongst other things) their testosterone is held below 10 nmol/L. This is significantly higher than that of cis-women. Science demonstrates that high testosterone and other male physiology provides a performance advantage in sport suggesting that transwomen retain some of that advantage. To determine whether the advantage is unfair necessitates an ethical analysis of the principles of inclusion and fairness. Particularly important is whether the advantage held by transwomen is a tolerable or intolerable unfairness. We conclude that the advantage to transwomen afforded by the IOC guidelines is an intolerable unfairness. This does not mean transwomen should be excluded from elite sport but that the existing male/female categories in sport should be abandoned in favour of a more nuanced approach satisfying both inclusion and fairness.

And this is science so the discussion should be over as to whether transgender women should be able to compete in women's athletics.

OTHER THAN THAT, HOW WAS THE PLAY, MRS. LINCOLN? The Washington Post has egg on it's face after admitting they published a story that required a whopping FIFTEEN corrections. It was about black families struggling to keep farmland in the family and now the Post is blaming the freelancer for making a mess of things. Why not just retract the whole thing and start over then?

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