I've Got An Actual Nomad on the Show Today!

NOMADIC MATT HAS BEEN AROUND THE WORLD AND THEN SOME And he has made a career of travelling the world on the cheap and he's even written a book about it! He's in Denver tonight for a book signing at Tattered Cover tonight (not sure which location so stay tuned) at 7pm to talk about his new book Ten Years a Nomad which you can buy tonight at the book signing or find it here on Amazon. He's on at 2.

THIS TOM'S DINER STORY IS INFURIATING As it is an absolute usurpation of private property rights with no real recourse. The owner of Tom's Diner wants to sell the building. He has an offer for just over $4 million from a developer who wants to tear down the building and build condos or something. Some busybodies applied for landmark status for the building against Tom Messina's wishes and it looks like they are going to get it. If I were Tom, I'd sue the people who did this for just over $4 million dollars, as that's what they have cost him. Seems like damages to me. The Denver City Council is going to vote on the designation. I sure hope they do the right thing.

REPUBLICANS ARE GOING TO BACK A RED FLAG BILL Or so it seems and frankly, I can't blame them. In the face of a series of mass shootings which include perpetrators who definitely showed some warning signs, it's going to be impossible for politicians to not do SOMETHING and stay in office. Republicans are very worried about suburban moms, who tend to think with their fear emotions rather than rationality (sorry suburban moms, but a lot of you do) and they want action. Here's hoping there is considerable due process involved if they do.

COULD THIS FINALLY BE MONICA'S REVENGE? Monica Lewinsky is producing the third season of American Crime Story with Ryan Murphy. He optioned the rights to Jeffrey Tobin's book years ago but had this to say about why he hasn't made it yet:

"I told her, 'Nobody should tell your story but you, and it's kind of gross if they do,'"Murphy toldThe Hollywood Reporter in April 2018. " 'If you want to produce it with me, I would love that; but you should be the producer and you should make all the goddamn money.'"

Amen Ryan Murphy! I can't WAIT to see this one. It's called Impeachment and I'm sure Hillary is thrilled to have the OTHER side of the story told. If there were ever any doubt that the Clintons are officially over, this should put that to rest.

I'M NOT A SCIENTIST BUT I KNOW THIS STUDY IS GARBAGE Because they say that coffee doesn't keep you up at night. For me, I can't drink caffeine after noon most days because it messes with my sleep. I do agree that alcohol is a far bigger culprit when it comes to sleep disruption. But I'm not going to give up my decaf at night because these clowns think they know what's what. Pfft.

UH-OH, THE WOKE POLICE HAVE THE KNIVES OUT FOR QUENTIN TARANTINO I have a love-hate relationship with Quentin Tarantino. I remain a rabid fan of his earlier work but he lost me with Kill Bill and it's endless gross out violence. Since then, I've seen his movies when they hit streaming, but I don't rush out. But now he's getting all kinds of crap about the women in his movies. Or rather, the lack of dialogue for the women in his movies. Some could argue that he has written some of the strongest women roles out there (see the aforementioned Kill Bill with Uma Thurman) but some could also argue that those women are caricatures of real women of the ilk you find in video games or comic books. Now someone at Time has COUNTED the number of lines for women vs. men in his new movie. Seriously, this is where we are now.

HOW HAS THE INTERNET AGE AFFECTED INFIDELITY? How has the internet changed the way we view infidelity? Not as much as I would have thought, thankfully. A new comprehensive study says that though Millennials have slightly looser values when it comes to cheating, a vast majority of us still think cheating on a spouse is always wrong. Read the details here, I'll talk about this today!

SHOULD YOU QUIT YOUR JOB AND FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS? Jordan Peterson weighs in with good food for thought.

GOVERNOR JARED POLIS LIED ABOUT THE OIL AND GAS BILL And I realize how shocked most of you are to find this out. Not really. This column gives all the ugly numbers while reminding people of the lies told about the uber restrictive oil and gas bill passed by Democrats. Remember when they said it wouldn't kill our oil and gas industry.

WHAT ARE GROWN MEN AFRAID OF? This is funny but probably true.

WANT A BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH CHINA? This is a GREAT big picture view of what's going on with tariffs, currency manipulation and the markets. It's not going to make you an expert but it will give you a grasp on the bigger issues.

THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE, STAT Young American say they trust professors more than they trust pretty much everyone else. This is horrifying. This means that they trust people who overwhelmingly live in the world of theory and conjecture rather than reality. Check the whole story here. Don't get me wrong, I trust no one really so I may not be the best judge of this.

SORRY ALEXA, WE'RE NOT IN THE MOOD To have you listen to us having sex, so thanks(!) to Amazon for giving Alexa owners the opportunity to TURN OFF THE RECORDINGS OF THEM HAVING SEX. You're gonna want to take care of that right away I'm guessing. Unless you're into the sort of thing.

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON HAS A PLAN FOR REPARATIONS! She thinks a half a trillion dollars should do it. And she's going to set up a board of 50 descendants of slaves to administer the details to give out a HALF A TRILLION dollars. I'm sure this will all go smoothly and there will be no fraud at all. I'm sure.

NOW IT'S OKAY TO WEAPONIZE POLITICAL DONATIONS! And the Democrats have gone there before but not quite like this. Now Rep. Joaquin Castro has published the names of prominent Trump supporters in an effort to damage them. He also "outed" one of his own donors in the process. I sure hope nothing bad happens to anyone because of this.

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