I Leave for Ten Days and You People Break Everything!

THE FIRST PART OF THE SHOW WILL BE ABOUT MY VACATION Because the rest of the show will be about all the garbage that happened while I was gone.

CDOT EXEC DIRECTOR SHOSHANNA LEW IS ON AT 3 and I've created a separate blog posting with ALL the answers to the questions from last time, find it here.

OOOH LOOK, WE'VE EACH GOT A MASS SHOOTER ON OUR TEAMS! Two mass shootings over the weekend, but depending on which political party you subscribe to, you may only hear about one. See, one of the shooters appears to be a white supremacist, anti-immigrant terrorist while the other one is a Bernie loving leftist terrorist. Whooopee! So while the families and loved ones of the dead are trying to figure out how a trip to Walmart or a local watering hole turned deadly, both political sides can run around pointing fingers and blaming the OTHER side for the rhetoric that seems to be at the heart of the evil driving this violence. Oh, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson proves once again what a tool he is. Super. I actually thought President Trump did a good job with his comments this morning. I disagree that these people were mentally ill though. I think they were evil terrorists. Period.

But does it matter if we continue to foster the kind of political rhetoric we have in this country? I doubt it. But as long as what I mentioned above re: the nonsense and finger pointing continues I have little hope anything will change.

IT'S GETTING HARDER AND HARDER TO THINK THIS IS A GUN PROBLEM When it's becoming more and more obvious that we have a serious culture problem. I saw this story on Drudge today that 20% of millennials say they have NO friends. None. Not one. This is not good, as humans are pack animals and we need a pack, even if it's small. This leads to the kind of alienation and disaffection that leads angry young men to shoot people in Walmart.

AND WHAT ABOUT THE SITES ONLINE THAT ARE SIMPLY FORUMS FOR HATE MONGERS TO FIND EACH OTHER? As a staunch free speech advocate I have no answers to what to do about the online sites like 8chan that seem to exist for the sole purpose of allowing disaffected losers to post horrible nasty vitriol and racism for the entertainment of other disaffected losers. It appears as if the shooter in El Paso posted his manifesto there right before he committed his terroristic act. I sure hope the FBI is hanging around these sites taking notes and using those notes to investigate things before they escalate. But what makes people want to be a part of such a thing? Is it the illusion of power? Acceptance? I have no clue but am inclined to believe the real issue lies there.

NNOW FOR SOMETHING LIGHTER, FOOTAGE OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST CONVENTION And this is just some of the rules given to the attendees. If we ever need to defeat them we just need to clap and wear strong perfume.

IT'S TIME FOR MONDAYS WITH MILTON And Milton Friedman helps a young man understand why the government's responsibility is not to help someone out of poverty.


SHOULD WE LET OUR DAUGHTERS MARRY OUR ROBOTS? Tranhumanist Zoltan Istvan let his five year old marry the family robot, but now he wonders how he'd feel if this happened FOR REAL at some point. It's an interesting theory.

THIS FEELS A LITTLE LIKE A WILLIE WONKA LESSON A two year old boy got swept away by a luggage conveyor belt in Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport after his mother took her eyes off him to get a boarding pass. He's okay, but this is crazy! I kept waiting for the Oompa Loompas to show up and sing a song about him.

LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX, BABY Or just think about it, like eight times a day. We are also comfortable talking about sex with our spouses or partners or friends or podcast listeners. Whatever. Does eight times a day seem low to anyone else?

FORGET BEING IVORY CLEAN, THESE PEOPLE DON'T USE SOAP Like at all. And they say they don't stink. I'm not buying it.

CALIFORNIA TEACHERS UNION SPENDS A SMALL FORTUNE TO LOBBY AGAINST CHARTER SCHOOLS And this is just a further indication that teachers unions don't give a crap about students and learning. They simply can't stand to have schools beyond their control.

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