BK's Broncos Blog: Fight! Fight!...Nothing to see here!

Rookie Defensive Lineman Dre'Mont Jones carries several teammates pads. (Photo: Brandon Krisztal/KOA NewsRadio

There are some universal truths about every NFL Training Camps.

Offenses tend to be ahead of Defenses. Rookies have to carry pads, and go get food for the vets. And, teammates fight.

That was sort-of the case Tuesday when mid-practice, the Broncos top-2 wideouts, Emmanuel Sanders and Courtland Sutton threw punches at each other, and a few minutes later, Sanders was very loudly shouting at Sutton more.

Something you don’t see very often, but happens maybe more than you think, is a coach stopping practice and bringing the team in for a quick team meeting. Monday, Vic Fangio did.

"I actually called them together twice." Fangio said. "The first time was in reaction to the poor first-team period highlighted by that fight and then the second time I was just telling them that we were going to go into crowd noise. They didn’t know we were doing that and I wanted to alert them to that."

Something else you don’t see very often, is players who play the same position throw down.

Fangio has already gone on record saying he doesn’t like fights during training camp.

Broncos Defensive Back Kareem Jackson has had a very good training camp, including 2 "Pick-6's" in Monday's practice against Joe Flacco in 2 different team periods

The 10-year vet, who until this point, played his entire career in Houston, has seen his fair-share of training camp fights, and didn't seem too worried about the dust-up between Sanders and Sutton.

Although they were both approached walking off the practice field, neither Sutton, nor Sanders spoke to the media. Sanders did say to the handful of media that he walked by, "y'all know I ain't talking."

Bradley Chubb may only be heading into his second season, but the heir-apparent to Von Miller, and noted young leader of this team seems wise beyond his years when discussing teammates fighting.

One veteran player told me he thinks the fight between Sanders and Sutton may actually bring the team closer together. I suppose only time will tell.

A couple of other observations from practice:

Theo Riddick looks the part. Obviously, he should, he's going into year 7. Fun Fact: Broncos running backs coach Curtis Modkins was Riddick's first RBs Coach, for the first 3 seasons he was in Detroit. Since coming into the league in 2013, Riddick is near the top of every receiving category for running backs. He's 2nd in touchdowns with 14, 3rd in catches, with 285, and 4th in receiving yards, 2,238.

Drew Lock got more 2nd team reps on Monday. I think he should get all the reps, and I've been saying that since OTAs, but the Broncos are bringing him along at a certain pace. Fangio did say he got a fair amount of 2nd team reps Monday.

Jake Butt talked to a number of media members, individually, but it seems like we all got the same answers. He told me the MRI's that he's gotten have shown that his surgically repaired knee is "structurally sound." I asked him if he was 100% at the start of camp and he said, "absolutely," there were no issues leading up to camp. When I asked if he was going to be back in the pre-season, he said, "definitely, they're just being careful." I also asked him, because this is the 3rd ACL tear he's dealing with, doesn't he know when he's 100% ready to go, and he said, "yes."

Josey Jewell left practice early with a hip issue that isn't considered too serious, but with now he and Todd Davis still out, I asked Fangio is this a good opportunity for more young guys like Alexander Johnson, Josh Watson and Keyshawn Bierria to have more responsibility calling the defense with the first team.

"You hate to see anybody go down even if it’s not too bad, but with [ILB] Todd [Davis] being down and Josey now—we’ll see what’s up with him—it does give those guys great opportunities," Fangio said. "They are not one position right now that’s worried about reps."

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