All The President's Tweets Make this a Fun Tuesday

THE PRESIDENT CAN'T HELP HIMSELF And he took to Twitter today to do the total grumpy old man thing and say the old "go back to where you came from" to the world's most annoying foursome in Congress. I realize this has been beat to death over the last two days, but you had to know I'd have my take on it. Stay tuned for that. He doubled down this morning as well. Democrats are getting ready to pass this silly resolution in the House.

MORE QUESTIONS ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT REP. OMAR MARRIED HER BROTHER AND COMMITTED IMMIGRATION FRAUD And the best part of this whole thing is the Congresswoman isn't saying ANYTHING about it. Not denying it, not affirming it, just pretending it doesn't matter or something. I hope they don't give up on this story.

AND SORRY, BEING MEAN ISN'T AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE but that won't stop Democrats from trying.

DO YOUR SOCKS MATCH RIGHT NOW? Dave the Intrepid had an exchange with his daughter that has left him dumbfounded and he needs some sort of confirmation that he's not crazy. And it's about socks.

THE REHASH OF THE MOON LAUNCH IS EXHILARATING AND DEPRESSING AT THE SAME TIME I've been watching every show on the space program I can watch as we get ready to celebrate the 50th anniversary of us beating the Soviets to the moon. It's INCREDIBLE to see the kind of effort that went into making this happen and inspiring to see how united the USA was in this mission. We are at our best when we have a clearly defined enemy. You should AT LEAST watch this series on Smithsonian Channel called Apollo's Moon Shot because it's truly incredible.

DID YOU KNOW NIXON HAD A "SORRY THEY DIED" SPEECH READY? Just in case the astronauts didn't make it back from the moon safely?

THIS IS LIKE THE OLDEST OLD MAN CHALLENGE IN THE WORLD And leave it to Joe Biden to challenge the President to a push up contest. Seriously, this is where we are now.

HERE IS A SUPER NERDY COLUMN ON HOW VOLATILITY AND CHASING HIGH RETURNS IS SINKING PERA And don't just blame PERA's managers for this (oh wait, you can) but when you set your expected rate of return at an unreasonable level you subject yourself to greater potential losses. Read this whole thing to understand it.

WANT TO HEAR A SAUCY PODCAST WHERE WE SHARE WAY TO MUCH INFO? Then check out this new Ladies Chit Chat Club podcast about sex and feminism. DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WHEN THERE ARE KIDS IN THE CAR. You've been warned, but DANG it's funny!

DAVE'S WORST NIGHTMARE IS METHED UP ALLIGATORS And law enforcement officials said this is a real possibility if you flush your meth down the toilet. Is meth flushing a huge problem in Alabama? I'm not sure you would even know if an alligator was methed up because they are so lazy. And it's super hot in Alabama making them more lazy.

TIME TO CHUCK THOSE RECYCLABLES INTO THE TRASH Because it's likely BETTER for the environment if you do. SERIOUSLY read this.

DOES KNOWING YOU HAVE A HIGHER LIKELIHOOD OF GETTING ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE HELP AT ALL? Many people are finding out via at home genetic testing kits like 23 and Me that they have a genetic anomaly that increases their likelihood of getting Alzheimer's, a disease with no good treatment options yet. So what do you do if you find out you're one of them? You join a Facebook group to talk to other people in the same boat and try to do the best you can to not get it. Because there isn't much more than that you can do.

WHEN DID YOU MEET YOUR BESTIES? Studies show that most people meet the person who will be their "best friend" (or multiple people if you're one of those) at around age 21. This seems legit, because this is when you are really first able to fully choose your social circle combined with it being a time of personal growth and self awareness as an adult.



I'M CURRENTLY OBSESSED WITH TRISHA YEARWOOD Mostly because of her show Trisha's Southern Cooking on Food Network but she's got a new video out and just in case she reads my blog I want her to know I'm a huge fan girl so here it is.


IT'S TIME TO WORK OUT YOUR HIPPOCAMPUS, FRIENDS Because modern life may be shrinking this incredibly important if smallish part of our brains. But you CAN work it out to keep it health and strong and you probably should read this to find out how.

UGLY IS NOT "IN" BUT COMFORT SURE IS Because Crocs are making a HUGE comeback with young people. This article is headlined: Ugly is In. It should be titled: Comfort is In!


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