Picking the Gender of Your Kid Could Be a Thing Now. It's Monday!

IF YOU COULD HAVE CHOSEN YOUR BABY'S GENDER, WOULD YOU? You know how when you and your spouse were getting ready to have a baby how you said, "we don't care about the gender, we just want a healthy baby"? Well was there ANY part of you that was lying? Well good news, there may be technology soon which will allow you to choose the sex of your baby. Israeli scientists have been successful doing this in mice, although I think we should all be careful about where this is going.

A JOURNALIST GETS BEATEN UP BY ANTIFA IN PORTLAND OTHER JOURNALISTS ARE COMPLETELY TORN Because Andy Ngo is an independent journalist who often writes for City Journal and Quillette instead of left leaning places journalists have been torn about whether or not to defend him against the out of control thuggery of Portland antifa. I've decided I'm not going to capitalize the name of their group because they aren't worth the honor. Andy has been reporting on antifa and their crimes for a while and that got his camera stolen and his face pummeled. Quillette.com's founder took to Twitter to mock snopes.com's tweet trying to discredit Ngo. Because if you're not 100% WITH the Left, you're an enemy to be destroyed.


AND SPITTING ON PEOPLE IS OKAY AS LONG AS THEY DISAGREE WITH YOU POLITICALLY Did you hear about Donald Trump Jr. getting spit on at a restaurant? Well the owner of the restaurant that kicked Sarah Sanders out for working for Trump is now on record as saying spitting at people is A-Okay in her book. This is my shocked face.

ANOTHER STUPID WOMAN WANTS US TO BELIEVE SHE LIVES ON AIR I am fascinated by the so-called concept of "breatharianism". Have you heard about this? It's insane. People say they are able to stop eating solid food and live on the sunshine and air. Like an effing houseplant or something. People have died in the past because of this stupidity and I'm sure more gullible people will die in the future.

GUESS WHAT? JARED POLIS' FREE KINDERGARTEN IS ALREADY OVER BUDGET! This has to be the least surprising news story of the century. It seems lawmakers only set aside enough money for it only 85% of people took advantage of free all day kindergarten and now attendance is expected to be at or near 100%. This means it's already $40 million over budget and the school year hasn't even started!

THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD DID THE RIGHT THING And since I put them on blast when I think they do the wrong thing I want to give them credit when the get it right. They renewed STEM school's charter for five years on Saturday. This is really good news and allows STEM to get down to business to fix some things they need to without incurring lots of unnecessary debt because of an interest rate change. Thank you, DougCo SB!

OREOS THINKS I CARE ABOUT YOUR PRONOUNS The most confounding part of the entire Trans Mafia Movement (I've named it that) is the notion that I or anyone else should be forced to try to remember which pronouns some gender confused kid wants us to use. I can't remember the names of any of the kids my daughter is in school with and now I'm supposed to remember some stupid artificial nonsense change to a pronoun? I think not. But luckily Oreos has FREAKING COOKIES TO HELP YOU REMEMBER OR SOMETHING. Stop with the Corporate Wokeness already. I just can't anymore.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT NOT VACCINATE. BUT THE GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO KEEP YOU OUT OF SCHOOL AT least that was the ruling in a Kentucky case where the Department of Health kept unvaccinated kids out of school during a chicken pox outbreak. I agree with this. If you know you have an unvaccinated person who could make it more likely a contagious but preventable disease to spread, keep them out of school. I'd love to see that attitude at our southern border as well.




IT'S MONDAYS WITH MILTON I'm going to try to remember to post a Milton Friedman video every Monday. You'll be smarter if you watch them.


LOVE, OR ABOUT FIVE TV SHOWS, CAN BRING US TOGETHER! One could say that we don't have much in common when it comes to what we like on the Left and the Right. Now some intrepid researchers have found at least FIVE TV SHOWS that we ALL like! Celebrate! Rejoice! And let's get together and watch some stuff.



OUT OF THESE 50 NATURAL WONDERS, HOW MANY HAVE YOU SEEN? I've seen far fewer of them than I'd like. I'm printing this out to be it's own bucket list!

DUDE. A yellow jacket nest with 15,000 flying bugs of death in it. HOW DO YOU LET THIS GET SO BIG? THEY MUST DIE. Yellow jackets are like the thugs of the insect world. I hate them so very much.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED FOR KAMALA HARRIS Her very well-planned and executed plan to shake up the Dem race by going after Joe Biden worked. She got a really nice post-debate bounce in the polls. Expect more from her.

LORI LYNN AS A NEW PODCAST! She is launching her new podcast TODAY and it's called Mouth-ful and it's great and free and you should listen by clicking here.


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