It's Fast Lane Friday with CDOT Executive Director Shoshana Lew

GET YOUR ROAD QUESTIONS READY FOR CDOT'S SHOSHANA LEW She's on at 2pm to take your questions.

Y'ALL THIS CAMPAIGN SEASON IS GOING TO BE A NIGHTMARE I watched some of last night's "debate". First of all, this format is garbage. The candidates behaved like a press gaggle trying to get more than their fair share of time. And here's the thing, I don't blame them. The moderators lost control instantly. But there was a winner last night and it was Kamala Harris. She was really, really good and polished and a wee bit to practiced for my taste but I am sure she gets a huge bump from this at the expense of Crazy Joe. See below.

DAVE THE INTREPID SAYS HE WOULD HAVE STOPPED THE FIGHT When Kamala Harris finally went after Joe, it was UGLY and very, very effective. Watch this.


BUT DON'T THINK THAT MOMENT WASN'T WELL PLANNED IN ADVANCE Because they already had t-shirts printed already to fundraise with.

MARIANNE WILLIAMSON WAS THE REAL STAR LAST NIGHT Because she is completely nuts. Luckily Kate McKinnon watched and was on Seth Meyers last night.

But you really should see the woman herself. It was that good.

ARE YOU A PART OF THE OLD CAR CLUB? And I don't mean antiques, I mean your car you drive every day. The average age of cars and trucks on the road is now 11.8 years, which is pretty incredible if you ask me. Better technology, better maintenance and seven year car loans are the reason. But I must say, I have much more confidence buying a car that is 4 years old now than I ever have before.

TEACHERS UNION PROTEST WITH CHILDREN IS VULGAR AND GROSS But I'm not the least bit surprised that someone handed a child a sign with a giant "FU" on the bottom to wave at the Education Secretary. And we wonder why children behave so badly in school. Stay classy, CEA.

THESE ARE SOME REALLY GOOD TRAVEL TIPS As we all get ready for some summer fun, (GREECE, BABY!) here are some really great travel tips to ensure smooth sailing for you and yours. I'd love to hear some of your good ones!

A PREGNANT WOMAN WHO STARTED A FIGHT IS NOW CHARGED WITH KILLING HER UNBORN BABY And this case gives me a great deal of pause. The pregnant woman is Marshae Jones who was five months pregnant when she started a fight in the parking lot of a Dollar General that ended with her being shot fives times and subsequently miscarrying. The woman who shot her was not indicted by a grand jury, but now Jones is being charged with manslaughter because her actions lead to the fight which lead to the death of her child. What the actual hell? So if a woman engages in an activity during pregnancy and then miscarries, she gets charged? I think this is a slippery slope that could have very negative ramifications in the long run.

THE ANTI-CHARTER DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD WILL DECIDE THE FATE OF THE STEM SCHOOL TOMORROW AT 2:30ISH And if you are a parent or care about this school you may want to make time for this meeting. Here is a column with the background on the Board's attack on STEM in the shadow of the horrible school shooting there.

N-WORD SENSITIVITY JUMPS THE SHARK IN THE WORLD OF MUSIC This article tells the tale of a tangled web of the N-word and a composer who had the nerve to call a piece of music, written by a gay black man and called by that gay black man Crazy Nigger, by it's proper name while explaining why the artist chose to name the work that in the first place. Her reward? Her music was banned from the final performance. Good grief people, this is insane. She is this man's biggest fan, has written a biography about him and only used the n-word when saying the title of the work. We have to get over this sort of stupidity and recognize the difference between a derogatory and mean use of a word and an academic one.

YOU SHOULD BE CAREFUL OF CANCELLING YOUR AMAZON PRIME SUBSCRIPTION Because this guy's Alexa started calling him sh*thead when he cancelled his Prime account. (Editor's note: this just seems to funny to actually be true so I'm making no claims to it's accuracy)

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