All Fireworks are Illegal in Denver

Denver is reminding you that possession or use of any type of fireworks in the city is illegal. Only permitted, professional displays are allowed. Police say they will respond to fireworks calls that are reported to this hotline : 720-913-2059 . Illegal users will be ticketed and will have their fireworks confiscated. Fines can run up to $999 dollars or up to a year in jail.

Denver says fireworks cause fires and injury and that is why the city has instituted a fireworks ban. Professional, permitted fireworks shows are allowed within the city limits. Denver fire says it average 35 fire calls on the Fourth of Juy with about five being blazes that cause property damage. Denver paramedics say they see people injured by fireworks, usually with burns to the hands and eyes.

Even somewhat innocent fireworks can pose a danger. Sparklers, for example, burn at 1,200 degrees and can cause serious burns .


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