How About a Fun Whatcha Haulin' Tuesday?

I'M THINKING OF ANOTHER ROUND OF MY STOLEN GAME "WHATCHA HAULIN'" FOR TODAY But I'm not sure so you'll have to wait and see.

ABOUT THE HUMANITARIAN CRISIS AT THE BORDER Yes, there IS a crisis. Trump said so in January, only to have publications like The Atlantic downplay the need for action. Now even Democrats have no choice but to recognize the situation at the border as dire and needing immediate attention. But they still don't want to give it. Byron York explains why here.

DEMOCRATS FINALLY NOTICE WHAT JOE BEING JOE IS REALLY LIKE And they don't like it. A NEW YORK TIMES (emphasis mine) published a column that said this:

Seeing Biden on the stump often feels like watching an actor who can’t quite remember his lines. Even if you don’t support him, it’s hard not to feel anxious on his behalf.

Ruh-roh. If you want to be the Democratic nominee for President going up against a President known for his effective and withering attacks, is this the guy. I sure hope so!

But that's not all. Here is a column from The Week that makes a strong argument that Biden is a disaster of a candidate. The media is trying to save Democrats from themselves. Heh.

IT'S TIME TO GET SERIOUS ABOUT HYGIENE, YOU FILTHY ANIMALS I am anti-anti-bacterial stuff. Unless I'm on a cruise ship, then I practically bath in it. That being said, I still know to wash my hands after using the potty and cutting raw meat. Apparently there are a lot of younger people who don't. Ew. Just ew.

OUR CRAPPY DIETS ARE KILLING DUDE'S SPERM COUNT At least that's what a new study says. And it's from Harvard no less.

WANT TO LIE AND TELL PEOPLE YOU CLIMBED MOUNT EVEREST? There's a website for that. You can fake a Mt. Everest photo.

ARE YOU WATCHING DEBATE-A-PALOOZA? The Democratic debates start tomorrow night and go over two nights. The candidates are divided into two (they say randomly chosen but I'm not buying it) groups and will face each other on MSNBC. But will anyone watch?

THE COUNTRY REMAINS DIVIDED ON ABORTION But a solid majority wants either no abortion or restrictions on abortion. Only 25% say kill em whenever. What is interesting is that currently more Americans claim to be pro-life than pro-choice. IMO that is a direct response to the "abortion until birth" laws that truly horrify decent people even if they believe in a woman's right to choose.

NBC NEWS ASKED THE INTERNET ABOUT THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATES And the internet responded as the internet does....hilariously and sarcastically.




AN AUSCHWITZ SURVIVOR ASKED AOC TO VISIT AN ACTUAL CONCENTRATION CAMP WITH HIM And she didn't even acknowledge the invite until she could use it to slam a Congressman who urged her to take it. She's a scumbag. And a coward. Here is a link to the actual invitation.

JOHN STOSSEL OUTLINES THE WORST IDEAS OF THESE CANDIDATES And truly it's an embarrassment of riches from which to choose.


THIS WOMAN HAD 34 BRIDESMAIDS AND I DON'T EVEN HAVE 34 FRIENDS I'm alternately horrified and jealous of this dame who had a wedding party that was bigger than my entire wedding. But you go girl.

HAVE YOU SEEN THE NEW PROJECT VERITAS EXPOSE ON GOOGLE? Well you may have to look a little harder to find it, because Google seems to be fighting back.

NEW YORK EXPORTS IT'S HOMELESS PEOPLE And I must say this is not a bad deal I may be in favor of. New York provides One Time Relocation Assistance. What's that? It's the cash to get to a new destination and a year of rent paid UP FRONT in your new hometown. The funny thing is the cities which have been the recipients of these new subsidized families didn't know it was happening.

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