It's Time for Another Kick Butt Monday!

MY MAN CASPER STOCKHAM IS ON TODAY If you don't remember Casper he is the dude who keeps running against Diana Degette in CD-1. In between runs though, he is doing some super cool stuff to lift up his community and he's got some sort of announcement today at 2. Stay tuned.

WHY ARE THE TRUMP VETTING DOCUMENTS A NEWS STORY? I realize that "journalists" will breathlessly print anything leaked by anyone that could possibly be spun in any sort of negative light against Trump, but I'm genuinely baffled that vetting documents about some of the people Trump eventually hired are news. The only news here is that he hired people who had said bad things about him. But there it is on the top front of the Drudge Report. Am I missing the newsworthiness of this?

THE ONLY BIGGER PROBLEM THAN IMMIGRATION IS GOVERNMENT In a new Gallup poll that is. Americans are saying immigration is a top problem 23% of the time, which is a recent high. The only bigger problem named is Government. Yes, child, it is. In the same poll, a vast majority of Americans still say immigration overall is a good thing. I personally think most Americans just want immigrants to come in an orderly, manageable, LEGAL way. If the crappy government just listened to the people who elected them we'd be fine.

TRUMP-HALEY 2020? YES PLEASE! Right now there is simply not a scenario on the horizon where I will not vote to re elect Donald Trump. Although a reluctant voter the first time, I think he deserves a second term. This article makes the case that Trump should ditch Pence and add Nikki Haley to the ticket. SIGN. ME. UP. I freaking LOVE Nikki Haley, and this would position her to be the first female President which is something I would love to steal from the Dems.

DIA HAS CHANGED THE PICKUP LOCATION FOR UBER AND LYFT Just an FYI to those of you who (like me) use the apps to get home from the airport. Check out the details here.

HOW SHOULD WE COUNT COLORADO? There is a problem in Colorado when it comes to the census and we probably need to fix it. What's the problem? Because the census forms aren't delivered to PO Boxes, we stand the chance of a serious undercount in rural areas. But should the state spend a small fortune to do the count the federal government won't? That depends on who you ask. Read this for more.

THIS YEAR'S RAFTING SEASON IS ALREADY QUITE DEADLY So if you're thinking of doing your first white water adventure you may want to wait. Five people are already dead this year.

I KNEW CHUCK WAS THE RIGHT MAN FOR ME And now Jordan Peterson explains why.



IT'S OFFICIAL, RENEWABLE ENERGY COSTS US WAY MORE This article in Forbes is the least surprising thing I've read in a long, long time. Because of the unreliable nature of so-called renewable energy sources, it has to be backed up by OTHER power generation systems which have to be ready to be flipped on when the sun doesn't shine or the wind doesn't blow. Therefore it is much more expensive.


BABY BOOMERS RUINED AMERICA And I have to say this article is pretty compelling in it's arguments for this position. How did they ruin America? As soon as they got done fighting "The Man" and became "The Man" they expanded the role of government to a point where it is not impossible for Millennials to have the same opportunities they did. Read the whole article, but that's the crux.

WE HATE EACH OTHER BECAUSE WE DON'T UNDERSTAND EACH OTHER And I'm talking about in politics. Read this article about a study done right after the 2018 midterms where Democrats were asked to guess how Republicans would answer certain questions and vice versa. It's actually rather shocking how badly we don't "get" each other. This should be a starting point for us to begin a new conversation. HAHAHAHA, just kidding, political hacks who thrive on division will never let that happen. And the news just makes things worse! Check this out from the article:

Americans who rarely or never follow the news are surprisingly good at estimating the views of people with whom they disagree. On average, they misjudge the preferences of political adversaries by less than 10 percent. Those who follow the news most of the time, by contrast, are terrible at understanding their adversaries. On average, they believe that the share of their political adversaries who endorse extreme views is about 30 percent higher than it is in reality.

Thanks FoxNews/MSNBC/CNN!

LOOKOUT, NASA IS EXPECTING GLOBAL COOLING NOW And I can hardly wait to see how they spin this as OUR fault even though it's totally not because NASA says it's because of sun cycles. Sun cycles? I have been told they don't affect the climate AT ALL by Warmies who want to shut down power plants. Huh.

WHICH COLLEGE MAJORS CAN ACTUALLY GET YOU A JOB? This new list isn't all that surprising with mass media being the least productive major at this point.

THERE ARE NEW CAFE STANDARDS FOR AUTO EFFICIENCY COMING DOWN THE PIKE And the new Trump era rules would eliminate the ridiculous incentive to sell electric cars no one wants at a loss car makers then pass on to lower income gas buyers. But I'm sure it will be portrayed as Trump destroying the environment or something.

DAVE HAS A RANT ABOUT THE FLYING WALLENDAS And he's spot on. The short version of this story is that government ruins everything.

WANT TO KNOW WHY THE NATIONAL $15 AN HOUR WAGE IS A BAD IDEA? This Alabama business owner does the math for you.

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