How About Some Fancy Music for a Friday?

THE GILBERT AND SULLIVAN PEOPLE ARE BACK FOR THEIR ANNUAL VISIT! Who are Gilbert and Sullivan? Read the whole story here, but they were a pair of composers who wrote whimsical operettas during the Victorian era. And right here in Denver we have one of the most well known companies devoted to Gilbert and Sullivan and they are back for their annual visit before performances of Patience start. Buy your tickets for the Empire Lyric Players here!

DID HE OR DIDN'T HE? THAT'S THE QUESTION WITH TRUMP'S IRAN RESPONSE News reports said President Trump ordered a retaliatory strike on Iranian interests, but this morning the President Tweeted out that he has pulled the order because he felt it was "disproportionate" to shooting down our military drone. I think many on the Left are going to begin to see a different side of this President, who has long been a non-interventionist. John Bolton must be fit to be tied.

THE SUPREME COURT ALLOWS A CROSS ON PUBLIC PROPERTY And this decision came from a cross section of justices not just one side or the other. The issue as a large cross in a public median in Maryland. The cross has been in place for over 100 years until a group of atheist busy bodies decided it was an endorsement of religion by the government. They sued, and LOST.

WELCOME TO THE LONGEST DAY OF THE YEAR! And I'm not talking about the day before you go on vacation. Summer starts today and all over the world wiccans and pagans are doing weird crap to celebrate the summer solstice. Or not so weird, but paganism is weird anyway. Don't @ me. I sure hope we get summer someday. Here's an article explaining why the summer solstice is a thing.

ISN'T THIS ARTICLE FROM 2015? You remember when everyone was worried that Donald Trump wouldn't accept his inevitable defeat at the hands of Hillary Clinton? Well guess what! It's a slow news day so Politico is rerunning an article about that. What's that you say? This is a NEW article about how Trump won't accept his inevitable defeat at the hands of one of the 26 Democrats running? My bad.

THIS IS A DEPRESSING SURVEY BUT I'M NOT SURE I CAN DISAGREE Are America's best days behind her? More and more Americans believe so. We're going to do a deep dive into this survey and I want to hear from you about whether or not we can bring her back to glory.


RIDERSHIP IS DECLINING ON RTD And I have to wonder how this will play with the "we have to get people out of their cars" crowd in government. And ridership is not just declining a little bit, it's declined a LOT. Check out this great reporting on the public transit boondoggle we all pay for. So if fewer people are riding costs must be down, right? JK, costs are WAY up.

THIS IS ONE OF THE FUNNIEST ROUTINES I EVER SAW ON THE TONIGHT SHOW And it popped up today so I'm sharing it. Ellen DeGeneres everyone!


JUSSIE SMOLLET COULD FINALLY GET HIS As a Special Prosecutor has been appointed to the case.

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