It's Tuesdays with Michael (Hancock, That Is)

NEWLY RE ELECTED MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS ON AT 2PM And we're going to discuss his takeaways from this rough election and what he wants to do next.

MILITANT FEMINISM IS RUINING MANNERS This column by Carol Roth is SPOT ON when she asks militant feminists to stop wrecking good manners and chivalry for the rest of us. She is 100% correct when she says this:

So, to the women who are offended by civility and manners, I again politely ask you to stop screwing it up for the rest of us and ruining common courtesy in society.


THE DOUGCO SCHOOL BOARD IS USING THE STEM SHOOTING TO ATTACK THE CHARTER SCHOOL This story infuriates me. The current DougCo School Board HATES charters schools. Why? Because they are mostly unionites who were elected with union money. They can try to hide behind "concern" for the school, but I believe there is nothing they would love more than to shut down the highest performing high school in Douglas County because it makes the other schools look bad. Tonight they will vote on a one year extension of their charter rather than the five year extension asked for by the school. I fully expect there to be lots of testimony from parents from STEM tonight but this will pass anyway. The die has been cast. I believe they intend to shut this school down next year. Here's hoping I'm wrong.

DUDES WITH DAD BODS REJOICE! As yet another survey says a guy with a little pudge is what women find most attractive. I keep waiting for the survey where guys say cellulite makes them hot. Still waiting. I am oddly annoyed by this survey.

WHY ARE PEOPLE DROPPING DEAD IN THE DR? The Dominican Republic is one of those places where you go for vacation and they tell you to never leave the resort for safety's sake. Now it seems that people are dying AT the resorts at an oddly high rate. What's happening? No one knows, even though seemingly healthy people are having heart attacks after having a drink or two. Could they have been poisoned? We don't know, as DR authorities say their toxicology "machine" is "broken". You may want to skip this destination for now.


REMEMBER THAT CUTE VIDEO OF THAT DAD TALKING TO HIS BABY? Even though this is Chris Cuomo, it's a great interview with the dad in the video.

COULD AOC BE ONE AND DONE? I don't put a lot of stock in polls honestly, but it's fun to report on polls that show the most annoying new member of Congress is no longer beloved by her very own constituents. We'll see if this holds true at election day.

THE AIRPORT PROJECT IS OFFICIALLY A DISASTER At least that's what I'm calling a project three to three years behind schedule and roughly $311 million over budget ALREADY. I'm going to ask the Mayor about this today.

PROPERTY RIGHTS ARE UNDER ATTACK BY HISTORIC LANDMARK DO-GOODERS It's one thing if a business or property owner wants to have their building designated as a historic landmark. But it's quite another when a group of busy bodies take it upon themselves to FORCE the designation onto a business owner who wants to sell and cash out. That's what's happening with Tom's Diner downtown. The owner wants to sell his property, currently valued at $4.8 million bucks and he wants to sell it to a developer and retire. But the busybodies are trying to force an historic designation that would render the property useless to a developer and likely crash the price for it. If they want to save the building BUY THE DAMN BUILDING FOR 4.8 MILLION DOLLARS. Problem solved.

WE GET TO VOTE ON THE TAXPAYERS BILL OF RIGHTS IN 2020 We've known for a long time that the knives are out for TABOR, as politicians CAN'T STAND having their greedy mitts tied by a law that requires them to ask permission before they take more of our money. Now the Colorado Supreme Court, in a ruling that could also coincidentally decimate our single subject rule, has decided that one ballot question can cover a multitude of issues. Expect a full court press by big spending liberal groups to get TABOR overturned. Expect me to remind you daily that TABOR is the only thing preventing us from truly becoming California East.

REMEMBER WHEN THE DEFICIT WAS A THING FOR REPUBLICANS? This very depressing column reminds us that spending ourselves into oblivion is just a NBD thing for both parties now. Read it and weep. I did. t

TRUMP IS ABOUT TO START DEPORTING A CRAPLOAD OF PEOPLE And we'll see if this has any impact on the southern border invasion. It will be nice to see people removed who were supposed to be removed. Although why he announced the upcoming raids BEFORE they happen is somewhat baffling to me.

ARE YOU READY FOR PILOTLESS JETS? I most certainly am NOT, but Airbus thinks we might be.

JOE BIDEN IS OFFICIALLY RUNNING ON A TAX INCREASE And this is not speculation when the man clearly says:

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