Guess Who's BACK, BABY!

I WAS GONE FOR A WEEK AND HELD A SLOTH! I'm not going to regale you with ALL the details of my vacation, but I HELD A SLOTH AND GOT PUSHED THROUGH THE WATER LIKE SUPERMAN BY TWO DOLPHINS. All in all, it was a great week off, but I'm ready to hit the ground running.

WHY ARE OUR KIDS COMMITTING SUICIDE IN COLORADO? The Colorado Sun did an interesting story about how much higher our teen suicide rate is than the national average. They looked at things like health care and mental health services, but apparently didn't bother to do a quick check on religion. We are one of the least religious states in the union. They also didn't note that in the Mountain West region, rates are very high in all states. Could this be in part due to the isolated and sparsely populated areas of the states? I don't know if either of these things are a factor, but it would be worth checking out.

SO IRAN SAYS THEY DIDN'T BOMB A COUPLE OF TANKERS But I'm not buying what they are selling. Even the New York Times laid out the case that Iran placed mines on a tanker that subsequently blew up, and that they are more than likely trying to drive up gas prices to save their sanctioned economy. But don't expect our allies to jump onboard with any military action, as they don't trust Trump or Iran in this situation. It seems that Iran is going to begin a nice, small series of actions big enough to disrupt oil prices, but not big enough to declare war over. Which leaves a country like the US with few options, as we don't know how to fight war like this.

THE STATE GOP HAS COME TO ITS SENSES AND ENDED THE TOM SULLIVAN RECALL EFFORT And this is good news, because trying to recall a man who lost a child in the Aurora theater shootings for doing what he said he was going to do when he ran was just stupid. The GOP is now putting it's efforts behind the NPV effort, which is a smart use of their time and money.

INSTEAD OF ATTACKING CHARTER SCHOOLS, WHY DON'T WE TRY TO BE LIKE CHARTER SCHOOLS? Progressives HATE charter schools. Why? Because they are not unionized and not subject to the same sort of stupid crap unions force on traditional public schools. And they are SUCCESSFUL. How successful? Eight of the top 10 high schools in Colorado are charter or option schools. But instead of asking how they do it and using those tools in traditional schools, teachers unions want to shut them down. Because they care about kids. Or something.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS CARE ABOUT KIDS SO MUCH THEY ARE FIGHTING AGAINST CHANGE TO HELP THEM The Adams 12 school district has been struggling for a long while now. So much so that day to day operations were ordered to be handed over to an outside, for-profit company to straighten them out. The union says that the company, based in Florida, isn't locally invested and can just pull up stakes and go. So they are suing to stop the takeover. However, the "local control" hasn't shown ANY improvement over EIGHT YEARS. That's EIGHT YEARS of kids not getting an education which prepares them for life. EIGHT. YEARS. Shouldn't we all be willing to try something else rather than let another generation of students fail?

HAPPY FATHERS DAY BELATEDLY! This spot by Budweiser is so perfect as a tribute to all those men who stepped up and became dad for someone else's kid.

WE NEED TO STEP UP EDUCATION EFFORTS FOR TEENS ON WEED If we are going to continue to have legal marijuana (and I highly doubt it will be recriminalized anytime soon) we need to up our education efforts at children and teens. The "weed is not big deal" crowd seems to have won the day when it come to perceptions by kids about marijuana and they don't realize that for developing brains, it is indeed a very big deal. This article should be very sobering for parents and perhaps used as a springboard for a conversation about the drug with those very same kids.

I THINK I'M GOING TO POST THIS EVERY YEAR ON FATHER'S DAY As I have for a couple of years on my Facebook page. It's a simple question and you guys never disappoint with your answers.

THIS DOG CAN SAY HELLO, CAN YOURS? The thing I like the most is it sort of has it's owner's accent.

FINALLY A COLLEGE ACTUALLY PAYS FOR EMBRACING THE MOB MENTALITY And the college in question is Oberlin College in Ohio. When three black students were CAUGHT shoplifting, a crime for which they later pleaded guilty and made restitution, other students decried a small family bakery as racist. Rather than work to reign in the students, the college administration jumped in with both feet. In addition to cancelling contracts, they conspired to frame the bakery as racist in spite of ZERO evidence to support that claim. The bakery sued and now Oberlin is on the hook for $11 million. I sure hope those students enjoy knowing they will be paying part of that settlement.

PROOF THAT WRITING TO ADVICE COLUMNISTS IS JUST ANOTHER BAD CHOICE I'm always amazed at the letters I read to advice columnists, but I missed the one outlined in this article. I'm glad I did, I feel my IQ would have dropped just reading it.

NEW YORK IS GOING TO GET SUED OVER THIS ONE Because they just removed the religious exemption for vaccines. Expect this one to show up in a court near you soon.

THIS NEW TYPEFACE IS GOING TO HELP YOU REMEMBER BY SORT OF DISAPPEARING And the science behind it is really interesting. It seems this new font called Sans Forgetica is not all "there" forcing your brain to engage and really pay attention to what you are reading. I'm going to try it out when I can and report back!

LIZ WARREN WANTS TO "CANCEL" STUDENT DEBT WITH A WEALTH TAX And greedy people LOVE the idea of taking something away from someone else to pay the debt they themselves wracked up on useless and unemployable degrees. The "wealth" tax would be a new one, and I'm not sure she's worked out the details on how she's going to figure out which rich people she's going after. But it's a dangerous precedent with trickle down potential for sure.


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