It's a Word Nerd Friday with Charles Harrington Elster

GET YOUR WORD AND GRAMMAR QUESTIONS READY FOR CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER! We are also going to inquire about his thoughts on the multi-winner spelling bee. He's on at 2pm and you can always find him at his website by clicking here.

KENI THOMAS IS A TRUE SURVIVOR As part of the Black Hawk Down mission, he managed to survive when many of his brethren did not. Now he tells his story through song, and he's one of the featured musicians and songwriters part of this year's TAPS Colorado Celebrity Classic coming up June 15th. He's on at 3pm. This is a GREAT event and raised money for families of fallen Armed Services members.Buy a ticket and join the fun by clicking here!

I'M ON VACAY NEXT WEEK SO LET'S TALK GREAT/HORRIBLE VACATIONS FOR A BIT SHALL WE? I want to hear yours. I've got mine. How about a vacation to the International Space Station? That will only set you back $50 million or so.

HEY ANGRY DEMOCRATS, NANCY PELOSI IS PLAYING YOU In a completely ridiculous move to tamp down the politically unpopular impeachment talk, she's now trying to convince Dems that she doesn't JUST want to see Trump impeached, she wants to see him in PRISON, which would ONLY be after Democrats beat him in 2020 and kicked him out of office so he could be indicted. But a quick check on the internet shows clearly that impeachment does not count when it comes to double jeopardy, so they COULD impeach him and then indict him when they booted him out of office. You're welcome, Nancy!

I AM OBSESSED WITH MY FITBIT SLEEP TRACKER AND IT'S MAKING NOT SLEEP The first part of that sentence is 100% true, but maybe on the second. We all know how important sleep is, right? So now with the rise of non-clinical sleep apps that track your every zzzzzz, people (like me) are becoming so obsessed that they are actually giving themselves insomnia and anxiety over it. But I am not going to stop. MORE DATA.



THIS DAD IS SO STINKING CUTE WITH HIS BABY And this is how babies learn to talk. And it's adorable.

DON LEMON SAYS CNN ISN'T LIBERAL THE INTERNET EXPLODES WITH LAUGHTER He defended his network and his own show at a speaking engagement and someone tweeted it out and now the internet can't stop laughing.

MASTERPIECE CAKES IS UNDER FIRE AGAIN FROM THE SAME TRANS ACTIVIST LAWYER And Autumn Scardina is not going to let up until she can fame whore her way to Supreme Court by harassing a man who uses his religion as his guide. Jack Phillips has be getting a little sick of this. Apparently Autumn Scardina has not gotten sick of it enough because she's filed a lawsuit in State court against Phillips because he won't bake her a gender transition cake. Like that's a thing. She targeted him because she knows he's a man of firm faith and conviction and she wants her name attached to a case that will put the LGBTQ community above religious people. I hope he continues to fight and then wins attorney's fees from her in the end.

I HAVE A DIFFERENT MODEST PROPOSAL FOR JIMMY FALLON Angry white man Stephen Colbert beat likable affable Jimmy Fallon in the late night battle and this column says that Fallon should get back in his lane and ditch the political comedy and do fun. I'd make a different suggestion which is to go back to what Carson did do well, which is let his guests shine during interesting rambling conversations about stuff. But I'm not in the target demo, so what do I know?

SUPER, NOW SUMMER IS SEXIST And I'm not even kidding because someone feels so strongly that the inanimate designation of "summer" is so obviously sexist they had to write a whole bunch of words about it.

THIS IS WHY I WON'T VOTE FOR A TAX INCREASE FOR ROADS THAT INCLUDES MASS TRANSIT Because they gouge you with higher gax taxes and then they do things like "road diets" with the money you gave them to make roads better, not smaller. But that's what our overlords in California are doing, and since our Democratic leaders here are DYING to be California East expect it here too.

DC GAY FOLKS ARE ANTI-SEMITIC AND SELF LOATHING NOW TOO Which is rich, because though they WILL allow Palestinian flags, they have banned Israeli flags or Jewish Pride flags too. Why? Because they hate Jews. I'm just going with that. And they are stupid too, because being gay and homosexual acts are ILLEGAL in the Palestinian territories, whereas Israel has been called "an oasis" for gay rights and has taken in many persecuted Palestinians. But I'm sure these stupid lesbians already know this.

I MIGHT HAVE FOUND A PET FOR JINX That Chuck may be excited about. Unfortunately it's super creepy.


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