It's Weather Wednesday with CBS4's Chris Spears!

YOU'VE GOT WEATHER QUESTIONS, HE'S GOT WEATHER ANSWERS Chris Spears is in at 2 and I'm going to ask him about storm chasers so get ready for some fireworks!

KENI THOMAS IS A TRUE SURVIVOR As part of the Black Hawk Down mission, he managed to survive when many of his brethren did not. Now he tells his story through song, and he's one of the featured musicians and songwriters part of this year's TAPS Colorado Celebrity Classic coming up June 15th. This is a GREAT event and raised money for families of fallen Armed Services members. Buy a ticket and join the fun by clicking here!

CONGRATS TO STILL MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK He defeated challenger Jamie Giellis pretty handily and will remain Denver's mayor for another term.

PLAGIARISM? THAT'S JUST JOE BEING JOE! This is hilarious because you know a staffer wrote it anyway. Apparently Joe Biden's environmental plan is eerily similar to the verbiage used by several environmental groups. With no citations. I bet you the staffer who did this is too young to even have been alive during Biden's first plagiarism scandal. Heh.

ALLEGED CHRISTIANS MAD THEIR PASTOR PRAYED FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP It's come to this. Now for some people in Virginia who claim to be Christians and attend a Christian church, praying for the President causes some sort of harm. If you are the sort who holds your prayers only for people you agree with you're doing it wrong. The Pastor ended up sending a letter to his congregation gently reminding them of what Christians are supposed to do, and in it he reached out to the shallow jerks who were "hurt" by him PRAYING FOR THE PRESIDENT. Child, please.

FOOD AS MEDICINE? This article makes me very happy for the future of medicine. Doctors are now actively using diet to fight a variety of seemingly unrelated disorders and searching for the molecules in food that can help us fight cancer. This is a welcome change from the pharma culture that we've lived in for a very long time.

WITH A RESCUE LIKE THIS, I MAY PREFER TO REMAIN STRANDED A woman was injured on a hike in Arizona and firefighters determined an air lift rescue was the best course of action. No word on if she had to pay extra for the thrill ride.

WE WILL VOTE ON TABOR A NUMBER OF TIMES IN 2020 Because Democrats know that unless the dismantle the Taxpayers Bill of Rights they have no hope of truly Californicating Colorado. This article outlines the myriad of ways they are coming after your ability to reign them in. Please for the love of all that is holy do NOT fall for it.

DUMMY BILL DEBLASIO TRIES TO OFFLOAD ANTI-SEMITISM TO THE RIGHT And even liberal Democrats are pushing back against his idiotic statement that Anti-Semitism is a right wing problem. I'm sure there are anti-Semites on the right, but DANG SON, have you not been paying attention to the rising anti-Semitism of college campuses? And the BDS movement? And Al Sharpton? What a moron this guy is.


GREAT, WE'RE TWINSIES WITH OAKLAND And honestly, does any city want to be twinsies with Oakland? What did they do? They decriminalized magic mushrooms too.

THESE BOSTON GUYS ARE HAVING A STRAIGHT PRIDE PARADE AND IT'S HILARIOUS Because I love a good parade firmly rooted in passive aggressive attacks on culture. Read all about the Super Happy Fun America group just trying to celebrate straightness.

THIS IS WHY I HATE BIG PHARMA This story makes me so, so angry. Pfizer, the maker of RA drug Embrel, discovered in 2015 that the drug may have an impact on the development of Alzheimer's. Rather than launch an investigation to see if it actually would, they shelved the info. They say it's because they didn't think it would work. But I think they looked at Embrel and saw it was almost out of patent and realized they couldn't make money on it. We need some sort of drug consortium where companies can collaborate when information like this is discovered. I appreciate that drug companies spend billions developing new drugs, but I am also keenly aware that they have government controlled monopolies on new drugs for at least 20 years, and sometimes more. That protection comes with responsibilities in my world. From the article:

A team of researchers inside Pfizer made a startling find in 2015: The company’s blockbuster rheumatoid arthritis therapy Enbrel, a powerful anti-inflammatory drug, appeared to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by 64 percent.
The results were from an analysis of hundreds of thousands of insurance claims. Verifying that the drug would actually have that effect in people would require a costly clinical trial — and after several years of internal discussion, Pfizer opted against further investigation and chose not to make the data public, the company confirmed.
Researchers in the company’s division of inflammation and immunology urged Pfizer to conduct a clinical trial on thousands of patients, which they estimated would cost $80 million, to see if the signal contained in the data was real, according to an internal company document obtained by The Washington Post.


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