It's a History Doesn't Have to Be Boring Tuesday!

REMEMBER HOW BORING HISTORY BOOKS WERE WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG? Well I've got a history book for people who hate history books. Rick Atkinson is a former journalist and editor who has a three part series on the American Revolution. Part one is The British Are Coming and it is INCREDIBLE. It reads like historical fiction, has details I guarantee you've never heard and will bring you up to speed on our great nations founding. He's on at 2pm to discuss. YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK. Click here to make that happen.

JARED POLIS IS AN ENERGY EXTREMIST And for those of you who may doubt this, read this column which outlines the MANY ways Polis has weaponized and politicized our governing bodies against the industry they are supposed to regulate.

WHY DID OBAMA IGNORE RUSSIAN MEDDLING? It's a question many have asked, but now it seems to be gaining traction. Perhaps this well written column will inspire some actual "journalism" by the men and women so eager to run with unverified rumors about Trump, while showing no intellectual curiosity about Obama's lack of interest in a foreign government trying to influence our election.

THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION HAS NOT BEEN GOOD FOR CNN As they are suffering ongoing ratings declines in prime time. One must wonder what CNN thinks the problem is, as they do nothing to reign in the idiocy of Chris Cuomo.

REPUBLICANS DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY And they proved it again by voting down cloture for Senator Rand Paul's "Penny Plan" which would have cut a measly TWO PERCENT from each federal department each year for five years to balance the budget. Most Republicans voted down cloture. Cowards. Read about it here, but don't blame me when it makes you really, really mad.

I THINK JEOPARDY JAMES THREW THE GAME Did you watch James Holzhauer's last game last night? I think he threw the game.

EVERY GAME WE PLAYED AS CHILDREN HAS NOW BEEN LABELED A PROBLEM BY EGGHEADS Academics are meeting to discuss how games such as "Tag" (which makes one child the dreaded "it") or capture the flag (totally militaristic) or even dodgeball (celebrates physical dominance) are a problem now. It's amazing our nation has survived with a bunch of heathens like you and me running around in it.

BUT IT'S NOT JUST EGGHEADS WHO ARE IDIOTS The NBA is thinking of renaming the people who PAID FOR and are RESPONSIBLE FOR the ongoing operation of the teams within it. Apparently the men (grown ass men, I might point out) take issue with calling the person who owns the team an "owner" because it brings up connotations of slavery for the same men who make, on average, $6.2 MILLION a YEAR. I'm sure ACTUAL slaves would lol at this sort of stupidity. Not to mention, are these grown ass men too stupid to understand what is meant by "owner" in today's world? And that the people who own teams don't actually think they OWN the players? I'm embarrassed for them if they don't. The NBA league minimum is over $830,000 a year. Slavery? Sign me up for that slavery.

THE NETHERLANDS JUST EUTHANIZED A 17 YEAR OLD GIRL FOR MENTAL HEALTH REASONS And this is the sort of story which makes people rise up against euthanasia. I am generally for the concept of allowing someone with a terminal illness who is suffering to end their lives peacefully and on their own terms. However, this seems a bridge too far for even me. How heartbreaking. The girl had been molested and raped as a child and said the mental suffering had become too much and her doctors agreed. Now she's dead.

THE DOJ IS GOING TO TALK TO CHRISTOPHER STEELE But only about his dealings with the FBI which seems a bit disappointing to me. I'd like to know about his relationship with Fusion GPS and the DNC too, but I guess this will have to suffice.


IT'S NOT GUY ON A BUFFALO BUT... This made me laugh almost as hard. It's just as stupid.


I GOT A TIP ABOUT LARKIN POE Based on my love of Beth Hart and SCORE, these sisters are incredible! Thanks, Laine! Oh, and this group will be at the Greeley Blues Jam THIS WEEKEND. The same weekend I am flying to go on a cruise. BOOOOOOO. But you should go.

PUT DOWN THE CHICKEN BREAST, IT'S GONNA KILL YOU TOO More nutrition news you can use. Now white meat chicken is just as bad on your cholesterol as beef.

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