It's a Trump's New Hair Monday!

I WON'T TALK ABOUT TRUMP'S NEW DO ALL DAY BUT.... Did you see it? Click here to check it out. I love it. It just goes to show that the right hair can really change a look. He did however go right back to the bouffant the next day.

NO, TRUMP DIDN'T CALL MEGHAN MARKLE NASTY He made a comment using the word "nasty" but he was clearly referring to comments she made during the election. Comments he didn't know about until a British interviewer, who was OBVIOUSLY trying to get him to tee off on the new Duchess. The word "nasty" obviously referred to her comments, as he immediately and without hesitation went on to say nice things about the Duchess and how she's do. The Press is just evil sometimes. Evil.

DEMOCRAT HELPS PICK WIFE TO TAKE OVER FOR DISGRACED ROCHELLE GALINDO And yes, I know that Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young, who was on the replacement committee, recused himself from the ACTUAL vote, but DUDE. Did he really think the committee of people he knows, from the same party, AREN'T going to vote for his wife WHEN HE'S ON THE STUPID COMMITTEE? If this sort of nepotism takes place with a Republican all hell breaks loose (I'm on record repeatedly as being vehemently against a spouse being automatically picked when a lawmaker dies in office) but because it's Democrats, yawn.

CAN WE ALL JUST TAKE A MOMENT AND RELISH THE COLORADO ROCKIES RIGHT NOW? They are playing some of the best baseball in the league right now, they are super fun to watch and you should be doing just that.

NOW GROWN ASS MEN ARE CALLING THE YOUTUBE POLICE WHEN SOMEONE MAKES FUN OF THE IDENTITY THEY PROMOTE I get that people are worried about social media platforms are used to incite violence against people. As well they should be. As one who has been at the receiving end of a good share of hate in my career (not here in Denver much, and thanks for that!) I understand how disheartening it can be. However, I also recognize that we live in a land of Free Speech and that means someone else does have the right to be douchey if they want to, even if it's at my expense. Steven Crowder can be very douchey about people he doesn't like, but douchey isn't violence. A gay Latino writer from is begging his followers to help him shut down Crowder on YouTube because Crowder keeps calling him a gay Latino Mexican Vox writer. Sucks when someone uses your identity that you constantly talk about against you.

I'M EVEN MORE OBSESSED WITH JOMO AND THE POSSUM POSSE After seeing them live last Friday. And the Walnut Room has some really good pizza too. In case you missed it, this was one of my lyrical favorites. So romantic.

AND THIS SONG IS SO STUCK IN MY HEAD And specifically this version because it's lovely and has kids singing a lovely song with lovely lyrics. Enjoy!

IS THE JEOPARDY CHAMP GOING TO LOSE TONIGHT? A video clip leaked online yesterday suggests that Jeopardy! whiz James Holzhauer's run is coming to an end tonight! We'll see if this is real or fake news.

WHO THE HELL HAS THIS KIND OF TIME? BUT THANKFULLY, SOMEONE DOES I don't even watch Game of Thrones but I can still appreciate the genius of this.

HICK GETS BOOED FOR BEING A GOOD AMERICAN And Democrats proved that the people who go to their conventions are full on socialists. How do I know? Our former Governor John Hickenlooper got booed for speaking out against socialism.

YES, YES A THOUSAND TIMES YES TO SAYING NO This is my new goal in life. Just say no. To drugs? No, to everything I really and truly DON'T want to do. This article backs me up.

HELSINKI IS BEATING HOMELESSNESS And we should all read about what they are doing there.

AND SALT MAKES A COMEBACK! If you don't like a bit of nutrition news, just wait, it will change. After being under attack for YEARS (I'm looking at you Michelle Obama) doctors are now saying our daily recommendations for salt intake are ridiculously low. Now if you are a person with high blood pressure that is sensitive to salt, keep watching it, but the rest of us can pretty much salt with abandon.

A DUDE WITH A DAD BOD IS NOW THE HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION And a lot is being made about the fact this guy eats candy and is pudgy but it seems to provide quite a bit of punching power for Andy Ruiz, Jr. He's now the champ, and dad bod dads everywhere can rejoice that one of them has finally made it!

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