Did Mueller Just Tell Dems to Impeach? And Mayor Hancock is On!

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS LOOKING FOR ANOTHER TERM And he's on today to discuss why he thinks he deserves one. Check him out at 2!

DID MUELLER JUST TELL THE DEMS TO IMPEACH PRESIDENT TRUMP? I watched the Mueller statement and then flipped around to the cable news networks to see the reactions. MSNBC totally heard IMPEACH TRUMP NOW. CNN heard Mueller's team could NOT indict the POTUS so IMPEACH TRUMP NOW and Fox News heard that Mueller was making no further comment and wanted his report to speak for itself. I definitely think Mueller encouraged the Dems to impeach by carefully pointing out that HE could not indict a sitting President BUT:

"And second, the opinion says that the Constitution requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing."

Read the whole transcript because I see impeachment proceedings on the horizon. This is dangerous for both parties, but the Republicans should be concerned about giving the appearance of covering up for President Trump. And Democrats better have all their ducks in a row before they commence.

NO, JARED POLIS IS NOT A LIBERTARIAN And I had no idea the national media and local media were trying to sell that bill of goods. The notion that a progressive Democrat could for one second be a libertarian is laughable. Jon Caldara nails it right here.

JENA GRISWOLD IS FINE BEING LEAD THROUGH THE NOSE BY PLANNED PARENTHOOD As she doubles down on her defense of allowing Planned Parenthood to edit her official office press release about her moral posturing ban on travel to Alabama. It's as if she's incapable of understanding why this inappropriate. Here's a fun HYPOTHETICAL analogy for her. Former Sec of State Wayne Williams (how much do we miss him now??) sends out a press release stating that he will not allow travel to NYC because of it's ridiculous and restrictive gun laws. He sends it to the NRA first and has them edit it. Is there a problem with this? Again, this is NOT A REAL scenario because a competent and decent Secretary of State such as Williams wouldn't do something so stupid.

AND THIS IS WHY JOE BIDEN CAN'T BE SEEN IN PUBLIC This is the fun video where he tells a 10 year old girl she's probably as smart as she is good looking. And then stands there with his hands on the poor girl's shoulders. Which is why he's Creepy Joe. Read the story about it here.


HOLLYWOOD IS USING TECH TO DE-AGE IT'S ACTORS And I could get someone to walk around life and do this for me that would be great. It's all about allowing an old actor to appear as their "younger" selves and it's actually really cool.

THE ARMY CAN SEE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE Okay, maybe not quite like THAT, but the new technology they have that allows them to create 3D models of pretty much any terrain is really cool. And totally scary if you think about it.

CUBA'S SOCIALIST PARADISE IS FALLING APART...AGAIN And unless they get some serious help from fellow commies Russia or China, expect the people there to suffer just like the people in Venezuela are suffering. Does anyone else think the suffering is sort of what you get when you vote to give yourself other people's money? Just a thought.

OH, AND ABOUT DENMARK Bernie and AOC love to use Denmark as an example of how well socialism works. They may want to check that. Denmark is in the midst of a crisis where people who pay incredibly high taxes are mad about services being cut. This article spells out how the welfare system in Denmark is creaking under an aging population and shrinking workforce. They feature a 92 year old woman whose government provided state cleaning service was just cut from 20 home cleanings a year to 10. Read what her daughter says about that:

Pensioner Blytsoe said that when her mother’s services were curbed, she did her best to tidy up the apartment when she visited, but refused to do the regular cleaning previously offered by the state.
“If I did that, the municipality would’ve achieved their goal to cut costs and make us fill the gap.”

That is the mentality socialism breeds. She essentially said, "I'll let my mother live in filth rather than clean her home". Nice.

NAVY PILOTS SEE UFOS And this is not surprising at all.

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