Let's Rosé Friday Away, Shall We?

THE WINE YOGI IS ON TO TALK ROSéTODAY! I can't figure out how to make a capitalized accented E but you get the drift. Kristal Alfonso aka The Wine Yogi is on at 3 to discuss all things Rosé just in time for Memorial Day and summer. Check my Facebook page for the photos, and find Kristal's Podcast by clicking here!

PLEASE TAKE SOME TIME THIS WEEKEND TO REMEMBER WHY WE HAVE MEMORIAL DAY I am not anti-fun bbq on Memorial Day, but I always try to find a way to honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend our Nation. Memorial Day is about those who never made it out of uniform. But even as you honor the dead, you may want to check in with living veterans who lost brothers in combat. Memorial Day can bring up feelings of grief, loss and survivors guilt and if a vet is already struggling it can be really tough. Be sure to reach out to the veterans you know to let them know you join them in honoring the memories of their fallen brethren. And then maybe invite them to a fun barbeque.

IF YOU'RE BORED THIS WEEKEND, LISTEN TO THIS FREE PODCAST ON ADULTING It's funny, you'll laugh. Unless you're grumpy. Here it is.

I GOT AN EMAIL ABOUT BRAVERY From a gentleman and veteran and I wanted to share part of it.

As one of your callers today (Thurs. 5/23/19) quoted from the interviews of the "Band of Brothers" (101st, 506th, E Co.), "I am not a Hero, but I served in a Company of Heroes." 
Look up the Battle of An Loc, Vietnam April - June '72.  I flew with A Co, 229th AHB, 1st Cav, Gary Owen Task Force, Bien Hoa for the 66 day battle. Shot down 5 times, awarded a DFC and Air Medal with Valor among other awards. Bottom line, as a 'soldier' you do your job. Your fellow 'soldiers' lives depend on you doing your job. 
My Uncle, who served in the 101st, 506th, B Co. at the Battle of Arden, once told me, "Bravery is doing your job in "battle", without giving in to fear. Learning to ignore the fear, is the testament to your Army training.".  Your discussion regarding the C130 Pilot awarded the CMH for pulling the last Troops out of a battle is an example when he said 'We didn't even think about it.'. That was he and his crew doing their job. They did what was required while ignoring the peril (fear).That is my definition of "Bravery".

And this is why we honor our soldiers.

TRUMP MOVES THE INVESTIGATION OF THE INVESTIGATORS FORWARD As he unleashes the Attorney General to investigate the how and why behind the investigation into the Trump campaign. This is going to get very interesting.

THERESA MAY RESIGNS AS PM After her epic mishandling of the Brexit aftermath she never really stood a chance imo. She's just finally made it official.

BETA O'ROURKE IS OVER And maybe he will end his failing campaign while he live streams his next dental visit. His town hall on CNN got zero ratings. ON CNN. I hate to break it to Beta, but Dems only love you when you run against Ted Cruz. Sorry, Beta, you should apologize for wasting everyone's time.

tTHE PRESIDENT SPIES ON REPORTERS. NOT THIS PRESIDENT THOUGH. It was the OBAMA Administration who sought to subpoena phone records of major news organizations in order to seek our leakers. Read this. It's fairly explosive but will be ignored by the press who are not apoplectic about Assange being charged with treason. Read the original story here.

THIS WOMAN WILL GET YOU OFF YOUR DUFF She's an 80 year old body builder.

HOW BIG IT TOO BIG? When it comes to a flag? An RV dealership in Statesville, North Carolina has vowed to fight the town's lawsuit demanding they take down their ginormous flag. I think they will lose this and they should.

HOW MANY PARENTS SEE THEMSELVES IN THIS? It's the reason Q's entire summer is already booked.

AT WHAT POINT DOES JOURNALISM BECOME ESPIONAGE? I'd say we're about to find with Julian Assange. This column asserts that charging Assange is an attack on the press, but when does publishing stolen top secret documents become espionage. If not now, when?

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