It's a Baseball Shortened Show for Thursday

WE MAY HAVE THUNDERSTORM THURSDAY IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE Because there is rain in Pittsburgh that might mean there's no game or a delayed game or whatever, but nonetheless, we will have CBS 4's Chris Spears on for Thunderstorm Thursday asap today!

NOW NANCY CALLS TRUMP "VILLAINOUS" IN A PRIVATE MEETING I sure hope those people who got the vapors yesterday about Trump abruptly cutting a meeting with Nancy and Chuck short are just as apoplectic about the Speaker of the House calling the President of the United States "villainous". Somehow I doubt it.

NO, COLORADO WOMEN ARE NOT MAKING A PITTANCE COMPARED TO MEN Yesterday the Governor said that "women make 80 cents on the dollar a man makes for the same job" which is patently false. But it makes liberals feel good to pass legislation that does the same things as other legislation while ignoring the realities of why the wage gap exists in the first place. This column from several years ago helps explain why this redundant law was passed on a broken premise to allow the Governor to morally posture for his base. Oh, and here's another one. Oh and this one explains that women don't negotiate salary offers.

ENVIRONMENTAL GROUPS HAVE SUPER SPECIAL ACCESS TO GOVERNOR JARED POLIS' ADMIN This is one of those stories that I'm sure is going to shock some people, but honestly, it's the least surprising things I've seen all day. Of course environmentalists are running the Polis administration. Of course they are.

AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS APPROVING PRESS RELEASES FROM THE SECRETARY OF STATE'S OFFICE Now this one ticks me off. Before Jena Griswold made her moral posturing announcement about not paying for state travel to Alabama, her office sent the press release to Planned Parenthood for approval. I kid you not. The pretense that liberal special interests aren't officially running this state is now gone.

BUT...BUT...RENEWABLE ENERGY WAS SUPPOSED TO BE CHEAPER, RIGHT? Xcel Energy is asking to raise rates on Colorado electricity consumers by 6.5%. Expect them to get their increase. I just want to know when the rates will decrease because of all this cheap renewable energy.

JON CALDARA IS RIGHT ABOUT THE REP. TOM SULLIVAN RECALL And he wrote about what a disaster this is for the GOP and that they need to choose their battles more carefully. RMGO's despicable leader Dudley Brown is out raising money for it. Of course he is. Be warned, if you "Sign the Petition" on the website there you will be inundated with emails asking you for donations. Because that's what he does.

WHY WON'T ROBERT MUELLER TESTIFY? More importantly, why have the Democrats just subpoenaed him? This story in the Washington Post really raises more questions for me than it answers, but I have a feeling the Dems don't REALLY want Mueller to testify any time soon because it may throw cold water on their attempts to sink Trump. But that's just a thought.

MILLENNIALS USING CLIMATE CHANGE AS AN EXCUSE NOT TO SAVE FOR RETIREMENT I did not start saving for my retirement in my 20s. Why? Because I was an irresponsible adult who didn't prioritize such things. Millennials are doing the same thing, only they are blaming climate change for their irresponsibility. Because if the Earth is going to burn up in TWELVE YEARS, why save? This sort of convenient fatalism is one of the hallmarks of irresponsible youth.

HIGH TAX STATES ARE PLAYING GAMES TO HIDE HOW MUCH MONEY THEY TAKE FROM PEOPLE Because the Trump tax cuts really screwed the high tax states who have managed to get away with confiscatory tax rates because people could write them off on their federal taxes. No more. And now those states are trying to figure out a way to hide those high taxes, while not cutting them. This makes me laugh.

WHAT DOES BRAVERY LOOK LIKE FOR WOMEN? This video is really cool. They ask a bunch of women the most brave thing they've ever done. The answers change as the women age, but many are similar. I'd love to see this same thing done with a bunch of men.

THIS DUDE SAW LINCOLN GET SHOT This old show (sponsored by Winston cigarettes, by the way) has a man who actually witnessed the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

#METOO GETS GEOFFREY RUSH A HEALTHY DEFAMATION SETTLEMENT And perhaps this will give Australian media pause before they run a salacious and unconfirmed #metoo accusation. The actor has won $1.9 million after suing the paper which produced it.



HICK ISN'T POLLING AS WELL AS HE PROBABLY HOPED Because in the most recent survey of Dem candidates, our former governor was not named by a single survey respondent. Not one.

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