IBM's Kids Math Challenge

Baseball math questions from Black Rock Elementary School in Erie:

Q: The shape of the field is a triangle. Two of the lengths are 325 ft and the third length is 400 feet. What is the perimeter of the field? If Dinger ran around the field 17 times, how many feet did he run?

A: Perimeter is 1,050 feet. Dinger ran 17, 850 feet.

Q: Tessa and Kiley are hosting a birthday party at Coors Field to cheer on the Rockies. They invite 5 friends to the game with them at $42.00 per ticket How much did the moms spend on tickets? BTW, Tessa and Kiley's mom's both had to come because we are just kids. 

A: 7 kids + 2 parents: $378 were spent on tickets. 

Q: Coors Field can hold 50, 398 people. If 80% of the people show up before the first inning. How many people have arrived? If 95% of the people are in the stadium for the 7th inning stretch, how people stretch? (Assume everyone stretches). 

A: Before 1st inning: 40, 318 people. 6th inning stretch: 47, 878 people

Q: Charlie Blackmon had 52 sticks of eye black. Ian Desmond wanted 16 sticks. Then, Nolan Arenado wanted 26 sicks. How many does Charlie have left over?

A: 10 sticks left

Q: Section 102 has a capacity of 32 people. The Roof Top has a capacity of 87 people. How many more people can the Roof Top hold than section 102?

A: 55 more people

Q: The top speed of Jon Gray’s fastball is 99 ⅗ mph. Chris Russin’s top fastball is 98 ⅞ mph . What is the difference between their speeds?

A: 29/40 mph

Q: Nolan Arenado has hit N amount of home runs, Charlie Blackmon has hit 111 home runs. The total amount of home runs they have altogether is 259. How many home runs has Nolan Arenado hit?

A: N=148 home runs

Q: Charlie Blackmon’s batting average in 2016 was 0.037 more than Nolan Arenado in 2016. Nolan Arenado’s batting average in 2016 was 0.294, what is Charlie Blackmon’s batting average?

A: 0.331

Q: Bill has $37. He has a group of 7 people and they all want super dogs including himself, so he needs 8 super dogs. He walks up to the stand memorizing “8 super dogs, please.” But… will he have enough money? (Super dogs are $4.75) If not how much more money will he need?

A: No, he needs $1 more.

Q: It’s the bottom of the 4th inning the Rockies are at 50 runs the Diamondbacks have 40 runs. How many points do the Diamondbacks need to catch up?    

A: 10

Q: Under the Rockies Stadium Coors Field, 257 dinosaur bones were found. 8 more dinosaurs just like it were found. How many more bones were found altogether?

A: 2056 dinosaur bones

Q: Charlie Blackmon hit the ball 30 yards. Ian Desmond hit the ball 3 times as far. How many feet did Ian Desmond hit the ball?

A: 270 feet

Q: Nolan Arenado got hungry during intermission. He bought hot dogs for all 37 teammates including himself. Each hot dog cost $3.57. How much will Nolan spend for this mid-game snack?

A: $132.09

Baseball math questions from Longmont Estates Elementary School:

Q: At a Rockies game, 18,783 people arrive. 5,787 of those people buy shirts that cost $35 each. How much money do they spend in total on t-shirts?

A: $202,545

Q: There are 20 buses getting people to a Rockies game. Each bus holds 30 people. If 517 people want to travel by bus to the game, will there be enough buses? If not, how many more do they need? If so, how many extra buses are there?

A: 20x30=600 600-517=83. There are two extra buses -- only 23 people will need to ride on the 18th bus.

Q. There are 25 players on a team. 8 players get the flu before tonight's game. What fraction of the team is well enough to play tonight?

A: 17/25

Q: At a Rockies game, 5,625 people bought food from the concession stand. 2,000 of those people bought hot dogs for $8.00 each. How much money did the concession stand make from hot dogs alone?

A: 2,000 x $8.00 = 16,000

Q: At a Rockies game 250 people bought souvenirs. Half of them were baseballs. How many baseballs were purchased at the game?

A: 250 x 1/2= 125

Baseball math questions from St. Pius X School in Aurora:

Q. There are 10 kids who are going to sing The Star Spangled Banner at a Rockies game. Half of the kids go to a practice, so how man kids go?

A. 5 kids

Q: The Rockies just won their first game of the season and they want to celebrate by getting donuts. There are 15 players: 1/3 wants glazed, 2/5 wants chocolate, and the rest want plain. Each player wants 2 donuts. How many plain donuts should they buy?

A: 8 donuts

Q: I was in love with baseball, so for my birthday me and my family went to buy 5 tickets. One ticket was for $50. How much did we pay for me and my family in total?

A: $250

Q. There are 15,000 people at a baseball stadium with 100 rows. How many people are in each row?

A. 150 people

Q. There are 100 baseball players and 3/5 of them hit balls a 1/2 mile. How many of the players hit balls a 1/2 mile? How many miles altogether?

A. 60 players hit balls 30 miles

Q: The Rockies game tickets are $30 per person. A family of 4 are buying tickets, but they get a $50 discount. How much money do they spend on tickets?

A. They spend $70 on tickets

Q. At the food court, Sam buys a candy bar that costs $60. He gives the cashier a $100 bill. How much change will Sam get back?

A. $40

Q. Fans ate 5,677 hot dogs out of 6,679 that were available. What percentage of the hot dogs did the fans eat?

A. 85%

Baseball math questions from Community Montessori:

1.If Wrigley Field sells 1,500,000 hot dogs per season and about 3,000,000 people go per season. How many hot dogs does each fan get?

2.We went to see the Cubs play the Rockies. I got $20.00 dollars to spend. First I wanted 2 large hot dogs. Each cost $2.00 dollars. I also bought my brother a kids hot dog which was $1.00 dollar. Then I bought two large snow cones for my sister and me which was a total of $9.50. After I used $3.99 on a Rockies hat. How much money do I have left?

3.A batter gets 206 at bats in a season. He gets a hit in 90 of these at bats. What is his batting average for the season?

4.There is one out and a runner on first. The batter hits a ground ball to 3 who throws it over to 6, who tags 2nd base before the runner gets there, and then fires it back to 3 who steps on the base before the runner gets there. How many outs does that team have and which runners are out?

5.There is a runner on second and two outs. The batter hits a ground ball in the gap between 3 and 4. 9 comes up and fields the ball and fires to 2 who tags the runner going home. Which fielder threw the ball and which of the fielders caught and tagged the runner?

6.In training a player from the White Sox hits 40 home runs out of 200 balls thrown for him. What percent of the balls did he hit as home runs?

7.At a Rockies game a batter hits a ball at 99 mph and two other batters hit the same speed. Then a batter hits a ball at 89 mph, 94 mph and 30 mph. What is the mean median and mode?

8.If a batter gets 200 in a season at bats because he his a sub. But the next season he gets 400 at bats as a starter the next season. If a batter with 100 at bats per season goes through 10 bats per season. How many bats did this starter go through?

9.If people eat 10,651 hot dogs at a game and a hot dog costs $5.25 at a Rockies game and 30,000 people attended. 30 % of these people coupons for $2 off. How much did Coors Field make?

10.If Wrigley Field has 41,649 seats and in Fenway Park has 37,731 seats and 75% are full at the Cubs game and 70% are filled at the Red Sox game which stadium has more empty seats? What’s the difference between the two?

11.At Coors Field a batter hit a 71 miles per hour ball. The next batter hit a 92 mile per hour ball and the third hit a 110 mph ball. What is the mean?

12.On Sunday, I went to a Rockies game and brought $75. Tickets were $20, but I had a 25% off coupon. I got ice cream for $2. I bought two hot dogs for $5 each. I also got a souvenir for $30. How much money did I spend? And how much left?

13.The score for the Rockies is 10 and the score of the opponent is 12. If 1 of the Rockies hits a home run with a player on 3rd base and a player on 2nd base how is ahead and by how much?

14.I went to a game with my friend and bought $50 it was $15 to get in and i payed for my friend too. We then got a large popcorn for $5. Later in the game we each got ice cream for $2 I payed for both. I then got a souvenir for $10. How much did I have left?

15.Player 7 ran 11 mph to 1st base hew had to go 55 feet what was the ratio of mph he ran to feet he had to go?

16.At Coors field it was the Rockies vs the Cubs. There were 572,239 seats 46% of the seats had Rockies fans. 43% were full of cubs fans. How many seats were empty and what percent was that?

17.At Coors field they are mowing the outfield there were ⅔ done out of 320 square feet. How many square feet are left?

18.At Coors field the stadium is 700,000 feet squared in volume if there trying to fit cubes with volume of 3 sq. feet. How many can they fit?

19.At Guaranteed Rate Field ⅔ of the 17,473 people buy popcorn for $6 . How much does the stadium make?

20.I went to a Yankees V.S Cubs baseball game with my family and player 1 hit the ball at 90 mph. Player 2 hit the ball at 95 mph. Player 3 hit the ball at 105 mph. And player 4 hit the ball at 95 mph. What is the mean median and mode?

21.At Coors Field, 10,587 hot dogs were sold the first game, the second game they sold 9,000 hot dogs, and the third game they sold 7,890 hot dogs, and in the fourth game they sold 9,000. What is the mean median and mode?

22.15,000 people bought hot dogs at the Rockies game. 4/5 of them bought adult size with costed $7. 1/5 of them but a kids size with costed $3. How much money was made from the kids size?

23.My mom gave me $65 in cash for the game. First I bought two $20 tickets for me and my friend. My mom and my brother Then I spent $7 on a hot dog. My friendbought me a snow cone which are $5 each. Then I got a water for $1.25.My friend paid for his own. Then I got a souvenir for $10 And a keychain for $0.86. Then I use my credit card to buy a hat for $20. I also bought a shirt for $15 with my credit card. How much cash do I have left?

24.At Wrigley Field, a pitcher threw 78 pitches in one game. 60% of them were strikes. How many strikes did he throw? How many balls did he throw?

25.I went to see an Arizona Diamondbacks game at at Chase Field and they were playing the White Socks. There were 48,519 seats and 56% were filled with Diamondbacks fans. and 35% are filled with White Sox fans. What percentage of the seats were empty and how many seats are empty? Answer: 21% of the seats are empty and that is 10,189 seats empty

26.I went to a Rockies game with my grandpa. Nolan Arenado fields 80% of the 15 balls hit his way. How many grounders did he field successfully?

27.I got $30 from my Mom and Dad to go to a White Sox game with my 3 cousins. First I covered for two $1.50 hot dogs and a medium soda for $2. Next I bought three White Sox hats for my cousins they cost $6.30, $7.00 and $7.30. How much money do I have left and could I buy another for $7.00?

28.If Yoan Moncada for the White Sox hits the ball to the side of the field behind shortstop Addison Russell for the Cubs what scoring number did he hit it to?

29.If Coors Field sells ice cream for $7.00 which is a large and Wrigley sells the same size for $5.63. If Wrigley sells 800 ice creams per game and Coors Field sells 735 per game. Which stadium makes more money? Estimate to the nearest 10 and calculate.

30.My Mom, Dad, and I got three hot dogs for $1.30 each. We asked the vendor to cut one in half and he agreed to split the price in half as well. How much money did we spend?

Answers for Community Montessori's Math Questions:

1. Half a hotdog

2. $ 1.51

3. 0.436

4. 3 outs and the runner on first and the batter

5.The Right Fielder threw the ball and the Catcher tagged the runner.

6.20 % of the balls

7.Mean: 85 mph, median: 96.5, mode: 99 mph

8.He used 40 bats


10.Fenway Park has 4826 more empty seats

11.91 mph

12.$47 Spent, $28 Left

13.Rockies ahead by 1 point

14.$1 left


16.62,946 seats were empty and that is 11%




20.mean= 96.25 mph median=95 mph mode=95 mph

21.mode=9,000 hot dogs median=4,500 hot dogs mean=9120 hot dogs

22.$9000 dollars

23.$5.89 dollars

24.41 strikes and 31 balls

25.21%of the seats were empty and that is 10,189

26.12 balls


28.He hit to 7. The batter hit to the LF

29. Wrigley Field:E:4480 C: 4504 Coors Field:E:$5145


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