Gov. Polis Signs Equal Pay for Equal Work Act

Governor Polis has signed the Equal Pay for Equal Work Act which promises to level the playing field on pay between men and women.

Women across Colorado and the United States make 86 cents for every dollar made by men for doing the same work. Governor Polis says the new law will help women earn the pay they deserve.

Polis signed the law while holding a two-year-old girl with one arm.

The law will take effect on January 1st of 2021. It will require employers to post salary ranges on job openings and will bar them from asking applicants how much they made in heir previous job. That question resulted in lower pay for women who often made less than their male counterparts at their last job..

When a woman or any employee finds they have been paid less than co-workers, they have two years to make their case. If their case has merit, they can get up to three years in back pay.


Polis signs Equal Pay Bill

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