Colorado Rivers Primed for Epic Rafting Season

Rafters enjoy a section of Clear Creek (Photo: Colorado River Outfitters Association)

With Colorado's high country enjoying above average snow pack, river outfitters were already predicting a good summer season. But the latest spring storm that dropped nearly two feet of snow in parts of Colorado's high country has improved those already optimistic projections.

"It does in two ways," Executive Director of the Colorado River Outfitter's Association, Dave Costlow, said. "One, it adds to the snow pack because it snowed more in the high country than it did along the front range. And the second thing is that it has delayed the melt."

That means rivers wont show off their best rafting conditions until the tourist season reaches its peak. Costlow anticipates a much longer peak season than in previous years; one in which good rafting conditions could last through August.

"This year reminds me of 1995," Costlow said. "It's a very similar year where it just kept snowing in to May. For many outfitters that proved to be a very long and productive season that provided lots of thrills and they were able to take lots of people . And we'll take even more this summer."

Details on planning your river excursion can be found here.

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