Impeachment, Cover Ups and More for Wednesday!

DEMOCRATS WANT IMPEACHMENT AND TRUMP IS DIGGING IN This is a total debacle if you ask me. Democrats, who were counting on the Mueller investigation to give them a clear means to impeach Donald Trump and get him out of office, are still trying to find a way to impeach him. This after the Mueller investigation did not find any conclusive evidence of obstruction of a crime that they found did not occur. Democrats WANT impeachment. The problem is, no one else does. So what is the party to do? And now, to complicate matters, President Trump has said he's refusing to work on any legislation with Democrats while under investigation. I don't blame him. So who blinks first? I sort of hope Dems do pursue some sort of impeachment, and I hope even more that that the AG's report shows that the "cover up" alleged by Nancy Pelosi was actually perpetrated by the Obama administration. Because then there's this:

REMEMBER TREY GOWDY'S COMMENTS FROM SUNDAY? Where he said that certain transcripts from certain operations by certain informants trying to infiltrate the Trump campaign were "game changing"? Well Rep. Mark Meadows is doubling down.

Read more about the whole affair here. Perhaps this is why the Dems are moving towards impeachment, because they know they light that could be shined upon them will show much worse than they accuse Trump of.

WHY ARE IQ SCORES DROPPING AROUND THE WORLD? Don't worry, it's not happening here. Yet. If I were the sort to make wild speculations, I'd note that the countries with the most pronounced drops are all countries which strive to take care of their people with generous welfare programs. Perhaps it is grit and need and work that keep IQ's high? When you don't have to problem solve in your personal life or make decisions and live with the repercussions, could that make you dumber? But I'm not one to wildly speculate.

WE'RE ONE STEP CLOSER TO OUR VOTE NOT COUNTING As Nevada has now agreed to the idiotic National Popular Vote compact. The Senate has sent the bill the Democratic Governor, which means the NPV now represents 190 Electoral College votes. We have got to stop it here in Colorado. Make sure to sign the petition at an event soon, find them here.


WANT TO BE BURIED WITH YOUR PET? JUST KILL IT WHEN YOU DIE. There is a thing now where pet owners who want to spend eternity with their loving pets are now just having the pets euthanized when the owner dies to make that happen. People are all upset and mad, but how many of these pets would be unwanted by anyone else? And that pet BELONGS to the owner, so they should be able to do what they want with their pets, amiright? Get your hands off my Shih Tzu!

DEAD IN WASHINGTON STATE? NOW THEY CAN THROW YOU IN THE COMPOSTER It's not as gross as it sounds. Now instead of being pumped full of chemicals via embalming or being burned up, you can be composted with a process that speeds up the decomp of your body to move along the ashes to ashes part of death. I'm all for this.

IF WE'RE GOING TO BAN ABORTION, SHOULDN'T THE MEN WHO KNOCK WOMEN UP BE FORCED INTO RESPONSIBILITY? This is an area of the abortion debate where I agree with the arguments made by pro-choice people. It's hard to argue that an abortion ban is an attack on WOMEN alone, when there are no changes to the laws about forcing men into responsibility when they impregnate a woman. It's a valid point. How do we fix it? w

LONGING FOR FREE COLLEGE LIKE THEY HAVE IN GERMANY? BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Here is an interesting comparison by a man educated in the US who then went to teach at "free college" in Germany. From the article:

Yet the tuition-free system also has disadvantages. The first difference an American will notice is that most German universities look dingy and threadbare. Many were erected hastily in the 1960s and 1970s to house new students brought in by liberalizing reforms, and these cheap, poorly maintained structures are notoriously ugly (a German magazine recently ran a feature on“German Universities Ranked by Ugliness”). Most classrooms still feature rigid wooden or metal desks bolted into rows. Wireless coverage, library stocks, laboratory gear and classroom A/V equipment lag far behind the average American state university. It’s still possible to arrive to give a lecture and find an overhead projector awaiting your transparencies. Professors’ salaries are much lower than in the United States, and Germany’s problem with “adjunctification” and precarious conditions for aspiring scholars (known by the German neologism Prekarisierung) is becoming as urgent as it is in the United States.
This bare-bones regime also dominates student life and counseling. German universities are sink-or-swim: if you have scholarly or personal problems while studying, help will come only from overburdened counselors with hundreds of cases, or from student volunteers. Along with lax admissions standards, this fact helps explain the high dropout rates;one-third of all students who enroll in German universities never finish. A recent OECD study found that only 28.6 percent of Germans aged between 25 and 64 had a tertiary education degree, as compared to 46.4 percent of Americans (although classification issues mean these numbers must be handled with care). This chronic lack of resources—in addition to the understandable fact that many outstanding German scholars publish in German—also helps explain why German universities punch below their weight in international rankings, a topic of obsessive concern to German politicians.

But I'm sure it will be fine here.

NO MILLENNIALS, YOU DON'T HAVE IT WORSE THAN EVERY GENERATION BEFORE YOU And you'd do well to read this article and get over yourselves.

AND NOW, THE TRAILER FOR TOY STORY 4 Which I'm totally seeing.

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