Giellis Blasts Hancock for Lack of Transparency on Harassment Settlements

As ballots arrive in the mail boxes of Denver voters, the runoff race for Mayor is heating up,. Challenger, Jamie Giellis, says the Hancock Administration isn't being transparent about settlements for sexual harassment including one linked to Mayor Michael Hancock.

Her campaign was able to find close to $1.5 in settlements by digging into the city;'s wedsite and monitoring news reports. But Giellis contends there could be even more money spent on those cases if you include legal fees.She called on Hancock to offer more transparency. He responded that he has been transparent.

Large legal settlements have to be approved by the Denver City Council and those vote are a matter of public record.

Geillis has also released a five pont plan for dealing with harassment complaints. Settlement details would haved to be made public and harassers would have to pay the city back for any judgments.

Jamie Gisellis

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