It's A "5G is Gonna Kill Us" Kind of Tuesday!

OKAY, TODAY IS THE DAY I'M DOING WHY IS THIS A THING? I had it last Friday but the show meandered in a totally different direction that day.

OUR DESIRE TO STREAM STUFF AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT IS GOING TO KILL US And I may be engaging in quite a bit of hyperbole BUT a group of scientists who study the technology behind the new 5G networks are sounding the alarm bell. They say the electromagnetic radiation could have significant impacts on human health. I'm thinking this is going to make for some interesting lawsuits directed at the cellular companies. Are you willing to be sterile for faster streaming? I'm thinking no.

I WONDER WHAT FORMER CONGRESSMAN TREY GOWDY IS REFERRING TO IN THIS? Here he alludes to a transcript that he says would "blow up" the narrative surrounding George Pappadopolous and the FISA request made by the FBI. Read about it here.


9NEWS' KYLE CLARK TALKS TO JAMIE GIELLIS And she is trying to recover from some blunders and keep her campaign on track.

A NOTORIOUS BIKER GANG GETS TO KEEP IT'S PATCH The California based Mongols Motorcycle Club has a bit of reputation. And rap sheet. As part of a recent indictment of the club, the DA was trying to take their patch, essentially confiscating their brand. It's an interesting story with really scary implications, but luckily a judge said no to the DA.

FOUR IN TEN AMERICANS ARE NOT VERY BRIGHT ABOUT SOCIALISM And they may not embrace the whole kit and kaboodle but they endorse some form of it because they don't realize it leads to the sort of takeover they may not want. See Venezuela.

DEMOCRATS ARE SPITTING MAD THAT TRUMP COUNSEL STOOD THEM UP Former White House Counsel Don McGahn didn't show up for his subpoena today and House Dems are all kinds of mad. The only way I'd appear if I were him is with the transcript in front of me with my words clearly marked so I could read them back the committee.

ALEXANDRIA OCASIO-CORTEZ DOESN'T UNDERSTAND HOW THINGS GROW And once again demonstrated her tenuous grasp on stuff by suggesting that growing cauliflower (a cool weather veggie that thrives in northern climates) is "colonial" while suggesting they grow yucca, which thrives in the SW of the US, instead.

ESPN REALIZES THEIR FANS DON'T WANT THEM TO COVER POLITICS And the President of the company admitted it. Data backs it up.

OUR AG IS SUING THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION And this time it's over the Religious Freedom protections around healthcare. I can hardly wait.

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