Colorado Hosts Cannabis "Friendly" Golf Tournaments

Colorado Golf Blog has announced the state’s first-ever cannabis-friendly golf tournament series. Organizers will staff the course with “bud” and “dabtenders” to serve a variety of cannabis products to event participants free of charge. The second annual CGB Tournament Series kicks off at King’s Deer Golf Club in Monument, CO, on Saturday, May 25.

“Recreational cannabis doesn’t really fit into the prim and proper golf stereotype,” says Craig Lemley, CGB co-founder, “but neither does CGB — so we figured why not?” Legal cannabis products have already made their way into the sport’s highest levels, with PGA Tour Pro Bubba Watson and others openly promoting CBD brands and sponsorships. By partnering with Hēl-Zal, CGB is bridging that gap more by providing everyday golfers a chance to try something new and novel — from THC rich flowers and concentrates to non-psychoactive hemp-based CBD products — in a safe and controlled environment.

King’s Deer Golf Club is located on private property in unincorporated El Paso County west of the Town of Monument. After gaining approval from course owners and shareholders, CGB worked with a long-time private cannabis event promoter on the logistics of the cannabis promotion, as well as as agreement with Hēl-Zal to sponsor the events.

“Obviously we can’t have people out here paying for the cannabis,” Lemley says. “In order to make this successful long term we have to be smart and play by the rules, same as we do with alcohol. We’re just very fortunate to have supporters and event sponsors helping us do so.”

CGB’s kick off event sold out within two days of the official announcement, with more than 120 players registered. “It speaks to open mindedness of this market. We have people planning trips out here just to be a part of it,” Lemley says. “At the end of the day, though, it’s still all about the game. Colorado Golf Blog began as a mechanism to break away from the sport’s ‘elitist’ perception, so people like us can enjoy the game to the fullest, and that’s what we’re doing.”

Grass on the Greens

(Photo: Connor Shreve/KOA News Radio)

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