Coaching on the Mind of Former CU QB Returning to Colorado

Liufau Rolls Out

Sefo Liufau looks for an open receiver versus UMass in 2015 (Photo: CU Athletics)

Fans of the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team likely remember Sefo Liufau for guiding the Buffs to the PAC-12 South championship in 2016. But, they may be surprised to learn that he shares the nostalgic memories. They are the reason, in fact, the former quarterback decided to return to Colorado.

"I had a really positive experience in my four years at Colorado," Liufau said. "With the success that me and the rest of my teammates had, I have very fond memories of it."

Liufau has been working in the mortgage industry in his home state of Washington, and says the bonds of his Buffalo brotherhood called him back.

"It was at Derek McCartney's wedding, of all things," Liufau said. "Just being around my friends from college, who are great people, just made me think that I needed a switch-up in my life and coming back to Colorado seemed like a good idea to me...Being able to come back and be around people like Derek McCartney or my other roommate of three years who didn't even play sports but is a good and positive influence on my life, I didn't have any of that back in Washington. So I thought it would be wise for me to come back and be around some positive influences and role models."

Liufau will continue his career with Guardian Mortgage while keeping the door open to coaching.

"I do want to give back to the community and to younger kids," Liufau said. "I think that there's a lot of room for growth not just with how they play the game, but also the mental aspect and the choices they can make."

That's fitting for a player whose career highlight reel revolves around "toughness" plays.

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