Why in the World Is This A Thing Friday!

SOMETIMES I SEE THINGS AND I WONDER...WHY IS THIS A THING? The obvious choices to me are the Dr. Pimple Popper show, truck nutz, pre-dirtied jeans for sale, daylight saving time, pennies, jorts, rompers for men, scooters downtown, American Idol, man buns, crochet shorts, ???. What else should be on this list?

YOU NEED TO BUY MICHELLE ZELLNER'S NEW BOOK TODAY! You heard her on the show Tuesday talking about her new book called The You Revolution: The Journey of a Better Being and now you can buy your copy by clicking here!

OUR SECRETARY OF STATE NEEDS TO MIND HER OWN BEES WAX Our Secretary of State, the woefully under qualified Jena Griswold has announced SHE will NOT approve any travel to Alabama because of their newly passed abortion laws. This is none of our business. One of the beautiful things about our federalist system is that states have the right to do things other states don't want to. Like legalizing weed. But who am I to judge? More importantly, who is she to judge? The people of Alabama should be the ones to judge.

DEAR JAMIE GIELLIS, IT'S NEVER A GOOD IDEA TO SCRUB YOUR SOCIAL AFTER THE FACT Call this one a rookie mistake, but Jamie Giellis got called out for some Twitter comments that were being taken out of context (or so she explained). Unfortunately, she then took the extraordinary measure of scrubbing all of her social media accounts. Bad move. It makes you look like you're hiding something. It never works. Bad, bad move.

KAMALA HARRIS IS NOT DOWN WITH THE VEEP ROLE And I actually totally get it. She's running for President. And the FIRST urge is to make her Number Two on the ticket with Biden. I get it. She's allegedly furious that it's even being talked about.

PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PEOPLE An angry woman yelling profanities didn't take kindly to an older man telling her to be nicer so she shoved him out the door of the bus, where he fell and hit his head and now has died. She's been charged with murder. I hope she rots in prison.


Y'ALL THE TRUMP ADMIN JUST TOOK BACK A BILLION DOLLARS FROM CALIFORNIA'S HIGH SPEED RAIL PROJECT! And I lol'ed for real at this one. It seems that the California High Speed Rail Authority has not met any of the deadlines for the project, and the Trump US Department of Transportation just pulled a BILLION dollars of cash BACK from the project and cancelled the partnership. BWHAHAHAHAHAHA! This tickles me. Finally a governmental agency that just says no to ridiculous cost overruns and zero progress. Read the letter here:

SPEAKING OF RIDICULOUS DELAYS AND COST OVERRUNS The airport project is now TWO YEAR behind schedule. The problems are crappy 25 year old concrete at the airport and change orders by DIA officials. Change orders, for those who don't know, are changes made AFTER the approval of the original plan. They can be VERY expensive. I've been told by contractors who worked on the VA in Aurora that most of the issues there were from change orders by VA officials. When you are doing and paying for your own remodeling project, change orders are paid for by YOU. But when someone else is paying the tab, i.e. us and everyone who uses the airport, they can get out of control very quickly.

CAN WE HAVE A COLLECTIVE DAY OF SHOCK AND MOURNING OVER THIS MURDER TOO? Four teenagers committed murder over vaping products. It happened in Centennial, where a cheerleader and three of her friends decided to go to an 18 year old students house because they knew he sold vaping products illegally. They planned to rob him. They shot and killed him instead. This young man won't be remembered like Kendrick Castillo and yet he's a victim of the same cultural rot and lack of respect for life that Kendrick was.

THE #METOO MOVEMENT BACKLASH IS ALREADY HURTING WOMEN As male managers now say they are afraid to do common things in the office like work one-on-one or mentor women for fear of a false accusation. I can't say I blame them. But dang, this is bad news for young women trying to move up in their careers.

DEMOCRATS EXAGGERATED THEIR MENTAL CONDITION AFTER TRUMP GOT ELECTED And my initial response to this article was NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Not really. A study has found that Democrats said they were DESTROYED after Trump got elected but only did so to be one of the pack. Seriously, in order to fit in with Dems after 2016 you had to feign mental illness. Let that sink in.

HOUSTON TEXAN JJ WATT IS A HELLUVA GUY He's now donated $10,000 to the family of a fallen firefighter in Wisconsin. He has a history of raising a crapload of money for other people.

NOOOO, NOT GRUMPY CAT TOO! The internet sensation known as Grumpy Cat has died. RIC (that's Rest in Catnip), Grumpy.


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