Senator Cory Gardner on This Thursday!

WE'LL VISIT WITH SENATOR CORY GARDNER TODAY AT 2 We're talking about the move of the BLM and the tariff situation so don't miss it.

I HAPPEN TO AGREE WITH SENATOR CHUCK GRASSLEY ON THIS He says President Trump doesn't think tariffs are a good idea, but that he uses them to get a better bargaining position with our trade partners. I totally agree 100%.

THE SAT IS HELLA WOKE Because now they are using criteria like poverty levels at high schools to give more weight to students from disadvantaged neighborhoods. I get that they realize rich kids with rich parents and tutors do better on the SAT. I just happen to think that if Ivy League schools are worried about that they would do better to go to those depressed areas and HELP THE KIDS PREPARE FOR THE TEST so they match their wealthier peers. Giving them a fake leg up does not help them succeed in life.



NEW YORK NEEDS BILL DE BLASIO TO BE PRESIDENT Sure it's weird for a conservative to endorse a socialist, but this New Yorker is begging Americans* to save his city from this dude's disastrous policies.

*For those without the ability to understand sarcasm, this article is that.

DEAR FLIGHT ATTENDANTS, PLEASE STOP ABUSING YOUR POWER I am shocked to find this happening in my FAVORITE airline. As a former flight attendant who flew when flight crew had NO power to deal with unruly passengers, I can sympathize with WANTING to throw jerky people off the plane. However, we've seen more and more stories of what I think are flight crew members abusing their new power by having people who are simply annoying and not at all dangerous off planes. It's happened again.

SOMEONE IS TRYING TO REMAKE THE CONCORDE There is a move afoot to create a new supersonic jet that would get from New York to London in 90 minutes. Here's a fun fact. Supersonic jets fly at such a high altitude that if there is any sort of decompression you have zero chance of surviving. Happy Flying!

THIS IS WHAT'S WRONG WITH US IN ONE QUICK VIDEO The mother of a basketball player on a team for 10 year olds was caught on tape tripping a player on the opposing team. Because you know you never have time to recover from a loss at a basketball tournament when you're ten. The woman was asked not to come back to the tourney and her son's team says they dealt with her. I think they should throw her kid off the team. Harsh, but if she wants to be THAT involved in her son's sports life, unfortunately her son should have to pay the price. Maybe she's stop then.



KUDOS TO THE DENVER POST TODAY Dave brought it to my attention that the front page was largely devoted to the memory of Kendrick Castillo, while the news story covering the two shooters being charged was relegated to page six. Well done.

MY NEW BLOG OBSESSION And NO, it's not MY blog. My friend Kelly Maher, who many of you know from her work in/around Colorado politics, has an OUTSTANDING blog about food and goats and food and living on a farm and whatnot. I love it. Check it out here.



KOALAS MAY BE ON THE WAY OUT And Australians are asking their government to pass protections similar to our act that protected the bald eagle here. I hope this snuggly looking marsupials can be saved.

BEST WISHES FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY FOR THE NATURE BOY Wrestler Ric Flair is in the hospital after some sort of serious medical event. Let's all send up prayers and a great big WOOOOO for a quick and full recovery for the 70 year old.

A HUGE CHINESE TELECOM IS USING 5G TO AMP UP IT'S SPYING CAPABILITY AND TRUMP JUST CALLED THEM ON IT And it's creating a huge problem for some European nations even as they find out that the Chinese are installing "back doors" in software and infrastructure that allows them to steal all sorts of data. Trump just added Chinese giant Huawei to the list of banned companies because of the spying risk it presents. We'll see if Europe is so desperate for 5G that they leave themselves open for massive spying by the Chinese.

OHIO HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ARE SO FRAGILE THEY HAVE TO CANCEL THE VALEDICTORIAN Because it would be too, too much for the delicate psyche's of the kids who didn't put the time and work into excelling to realize that someone else did. I understand that as Mason City High School has had a spate of teen suicides that the school is working to help put kids at ease and reduce stress, but the notion that they will never have to compete is a dumb way to do that. Perhaps spend some time talking about the sacrifices those young scholars made to achieve at such a high level instead? Then it seems earned, not given.

YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT IS DOWN, BUT ARE YOUNG PEOPLE EVEN WORKING? So much has changed since I was a teenager in Florida. I went to work at my first actual job in 9th grade. I taught gymnastics to 3 to 5 year olds at the gym I had long been a student at. Now kids are simply not working. Not because they are lazy necessarily, but for a myriad of reasons outlined in this column. But I think it's a terrible mistake for kids to not have even a simple summer job to teach them the early skills of being in the workplace. It certainly makes them a better employee later in life, I think.


BRITS LOVE TO DRINKY DRINKY And I must admit I love a good British pub because the people are so fun and interesting. And apparently drunk.

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