Time to Check In With the National Popular Vote Petition

SO HOW IS THE PETITION GATHERING TO OVERTURN THE NATIONAL POPULAR VOTE GOING? We're going to check in with Monument Mayor Don Wilson for an update on how the petition gathering is going. He's on at 2pm! Find out where to sign your petition by clicking here.

DEAR REPUBLICANS, STOP ACTING LIKE ANGRY CHILDREN AND ORGANIZE PROPERLY I'm over the recall things. And OH MY GOODNESS it seems they are popping up everywhere. Now a recall has been filed against Rep. Tom Sullivan over his support of a red flag bill that he ran on supporting. I've got some harsh words and hopefully we can wake up this party and get things back on track. Because this is ridiculous. The Republican party is actually involved in this recall of Sullivan and I can't tell you how angry it makes me that they are wasting valuable time and energy when they are failing miserably at getting Republicans elected in a normal election. If Democrats were acting like this, Republicans would be spitting mad. So stop it. Instead read The Blueprint and start creating the kind of organizations that Dems used to take over our state in the first place. Former State Rep. Cole Wist, who was beaten by Sullivan, has come out against the recall. And by the way, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners leadership sucks. They are a huge problem for law abiding gun owners capable to rational thought. Dudley Brown is an awful strategist who loses everything he puts his hands on. He's partially responsible for Tom Sullivan being in the legislature now anyway. Jerk.

THE TWO STEM SCHOOL SHOOTERS HAD DISASTROUS PARENTS Not that this in any way excuses what they chose to do, but one of them is the child of an abusive twice deported illegal immigrant felon and the other's mother had significant mental health issues. Sad sure, but no excuse for what they did. I'm guessing this info came from defense attorneys. But that's just a wild guess.

ALABAMA IS BRINGING THE WOOD TO ROE By passing the most restrictive abortion laws in the nation. The Alabama law outlaws abortion. Period. And it also provides a life sentence for any doctor caught performing abortions in the state. The only exception is of the mother's life is in danger. This will be challenged and it will be heard by the Supreme Court. It's on like Donkey Kong.

THIS AS WE ARE NOT HAVING ENOUGH BABIES the US birth rate has fallen to the lowest number in 32 years. That is not good for socialists who want "the government" to pay for everything because without workers to pay the taxes to support the moochers, that dog won't hunt.

IF YOU ARE A PERSON WHO VOTES IN A POLL LIKE THIS YOU ARE A HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE PERSON A 16 year old girl jumped off a building to her death after she asked her Instagram followers if she should chose L/D, meaning Life or Death. And the horrible, rotten no good pieces of garbage said Death to the tune of 68% and now she's committed suicide. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE WHO VOTE DEATH? You are a piece of human debris if that's you.

OPEN FLOOR PLAN SHOW ON HGTV And this is how ridiculous it's gotten.


SETH MEYERS IS A USEFUL IDIOT This column explains exactly why this statement is completely true.

IF YOU CAN MAKE IT THERE, YOU'LL HAVE TO MAKE IT THERE WITHOUT FUR As the Big Apple is moving to ban the sale of fur. What's funny about this is for the most part, the non-government solution of educating fashion designers about the cruelty behind fur has been very effective. Fur sales have been declining for years. Oh wait, that's wrong. Because people like fur.

sTHIS IS AN ARGUMENT FOR BANNING RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS FOR VACCINATIONS As a libertarian, I am against forcing people to do something to their bodies they don't want. The column says that people should not be able to claim a religious exemption for vaccines. I disagree, but I AM in favor of allowing schools and cities to quarantine someone who is unvaccinated if there is an outbreak of even one case.

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