Attorneys Request More Time for STEM School Shooting Cases

Brauchler STEM Shooting Hearing Debrief

George Brauchler, District Attorney for the 18th Judicial District, addresses reporters after the court hearings for both STEM school shooting suspects May 15th, 2009. (Photo: Connor Shreve/KOA News Radio)

Judge Theresa Slade denied bond in the cases of both STEM school shooting suspects in Douglas County Court Wednesday morning, but declined to rule on much else. Instead, she complied with attorney's requests for more time and scheduled subsequent hearings June 7th and 14th. At the request of defense attorney's, details of both cases will remain suppressed to the public until further notice.

The 16 year-old suspect is being charged as an adult, though his attorney's have requested the case be returned to juvenile court.

"The 16 year-old is charged with first degree murder as an adult," District Attorney George Brauchler said. "Now, that's not the end of it. Because the defense has put on the record that they are going to request a reverse-transfer hearing, they are going to ask the court to hold that hearing and at the end of it they are going to ask the court to move the case back to juvenile court."

Parents of the school shooting victim, Kendrick Castillo, attended both court hearings, sitting directly behind Brauchler and his team.

"They are a very strong couple," Brauchler said. It would have been very easy for them to say 'I'm not going to make it to court today because we're about to have a memorial service for our son'. But, from the word 'go' they have made it clear their intention is to be here for every single hearing and today is a good example of that."

Judge Slade denied a request from defense attorney's to release the adult suspect from his shackles while in court. His next status hearing is set for Friday, June 7th.

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