It's a Friendship Tuesday, Plus a Book That Can Help You Get Healthy!

SO HOW DOES A GROWN UP MAKE NEW FRIENDS? This article last week created quite the conversation behind the scenes at the show so we are going to discuss it. It says that most Americans haven't made a new friend in the last five years. They cite all sorts of reasons but really, it's just hard. We shall discuss.

AND IF YOU HAVE TO BREAK UP WITH A FRIEND you can find out how to do it in a funny...or not so funny... way by listening to this FREE podcast!

WANT TO BE THE BEST YOU EVER? My friend (and yes, I made my friendship with her in the last five years) Michelle Zellner is on the show to talk about her book The You Revolution. I've read it, it's fabulous and just the kick in the pants you might need to take control of your life for the good. Find out more about The book signing is THIS THURSDAY at WISH Gifts at Happy Canyon and Hampden from 4 to 6pm

ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL BARR ASSIGNS A SEASONED PROSECUTOR TO CHECK UP ON THE FBI At least into their actions when it came to the genesis of the investigation into the Trump campaign and the way it was conducted. The guy he chose has a record of being asked by administrations of BOTH parties to investigate the investigators. He seems to be a pretty good and unimpeachable guy for the job. I am actually very, very interested in this investigation, as every American should be.

I AM APPLAUDING KDVR RIGHT NOW! Because they are doing journalism and trying to get a copy of the complaint that lead to the resignation of State Rep. Rochelle Galindo. The Greeley PD is not handing it over. I hope KDVR Fox 31 continues to hound this until the Greeley PD is forced to release at least a redacted version of the report. If I could file an amicus brief for their public records request I would!

ANOTHER DEMOCRAT ENTERS THE PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY. YAWN. This time it's Montana Governor (who?) Steve Bullock who is supposed to be the guy because he's a Democrat who won in a red state or something. Somebody let me know when he drops out.

A SLEEPY FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED By a $75 cup of coffee. Yes, it's a thing.

THE Q HAS BEEN ON A WEIRD AL KICK LATELY And this made me laugh really, really hard.

IF THIS ACCUSATION OF PRICE FIXING IS TRUE I hope people go to jail. Although when you create a system of monopolies by design, it's easy to understand how the players given that monopoly might begin to believe they are above the rules. That perfectly describes what drug companies are being accused of in a huge lawsuit. 60 Minutes covered it Sunday night.

DON'T LIKE HISTORY? BE A DEMOCRAT! because they get to revise history ALL. THE. TIME. From trying to convince people they were the party of civil rights to now telling people the Palestinian people helped create a safe haven for Jews. HA. This column lays it all out gloriously.

THE SHORT ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION IS YES Because millennials have been taught to always BOLO for ANYTHING that could be seen as offensive in any way, old movies are not going to make the cut.

THINK BEFORE YOU INK As now people with a history of bad decision making are paying through the nose for painful tattoo removal processes. But good for them. I want to talk about this later.

I AM HEARTBROKEN ABOUT THIS ONE Tim Conway, one of my all time favorites, is dead. Here are some of my favorite sketches with him.

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