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WANT TO LEARN TO CODE ON YOUR GI BILL? There is a place called Skill Distillery that's helping people get into coding quickly with a Java and Java Script bootcamp and it's approved to use your GI Bill on, so I'm talking to Bruce Batky about it today. Find out more by clicking here.

ROCHELLE GALINDO RESIGNS! The State Rep is now the FORMER State Rep as she stepped down amidst allegations of some sort of sexual impropriety. The allegations by a woman who worked on her campaign (Galindo is gay) are sealed but are apparently enough to make her decide to step down rather than face a recall. Dems now get to appoint another Dem to the seat.

IT SEEMS IRAN WANTS TO RUMBLE And they may or may not have sabotaged two Saudi Arabian oil tankers in an incident near the Fujairah port, in the Gulf just outside the Strait of Hormuz. No one is saying exactly what happened, but they are saying the ships were significantly damaged though no one was hurt. We should all be paying attention to this bit of nonsense. American ships are in the area so we'll see what happens next.

DORIS DAY HAS PASSED AWAY At the impressive old age of 97. This is a lovely overview of her long career. Rest easy, Doris.

DON'T LOOK AT THE STOCK MARKET UNTIL A DEAL WITH CHINA IS FINALLY SIGNED Because news that China has upped tariffs on $50 billion worth of goods is wreaking havoc on the market today. This story from the Wall Street Journal does a good job of laying out where things went wonky and how we can hope to get things on track.

YES, OPEN CONCEPT IS FOR PEASANTS. I love HGTV but I HATE "open concept" where everything takes places in one loud giant room. This column explains why we have get over this design trend NOW. And I just want to say AMEN.

I'LL TAKE BEST GAME SHOW HOST EVER FOR $1,000 Alex Trebek had a lovely feature done on him on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday.

ALYSSA MILANO'S HUSBAND MUST BE THRILLED Actrevist* Alyssa Milano is at it again, this time urging women to go on a #sexstrike and deny the men in their lives any carnal pleasure until she gets her way. This is just so, so misguided. Let's say the internet was not kind, although she did garner a big swath of support from the pro-life community. Whoopsie.

*Actrevist: An actress who has become a political activist.

DUDE. THIS COMPUTER CAN TELL YOU IF YOU'RE GOING TO DIE SOON And imagine if the future of medicine is you going to a clinic where they draw some blood and do some tests and then a computer tells you if you're going to have a heart attack or EVEN DIE. There is a computer algorithm that can just about do that now.

WILL WE BECOME THE AMSTERDAM OF THE WEST? STAY TUNED... This article on the decriminalization of psilocybin by Denver voters asks the questions I already have, which is, will we be overrun by junior drug takers rushing to come and due shrooms and smoke weed? Perhaps. I love this comment by one of the guys who just got this passed:

But Kevin Matthews, who helmed the campaign to approve 301, said critics' fears that Denver will become an open city for drug use are misplaced.
“I understand the concern,” Matthews said. “However, my question is, where are these tourists going to get mushrooms?”
He noted that the initiative seeks to decriminalize the possession, cultivation and personal use of psilocybin by making it the lowest law enforcement priority. It does not legalize the sale or distribution of magic mushrooms, nor does it set up any medical framework to allow people to sell or buy the drug.

So we're supposed to believe that NO DRUG DEALERS ARE SELLING MUSHROOMS NOW? Sorry, pal, that doesn't fly for me because it's simply not true. And even if it were, demand creates supply and drug dealers are always looking for new ways to make some money.

IF JAMIE GIELLIS CAN TURN OUT THE VOTE, SHE COULD WIN And I expect Mayor Michael Hancock to campaign his butt off to make sure that doesn't happen, but his road may have just gotten tougher. Both Penfield Tate III and Lisa Calderón have now endorsed Jamie Giellis. The three of them made up 60% of the votes in the primary. This just got very interesting.

fFROM MY EMAIL PAL JOE ABOUT MURDER RATES Joe sends me great email and I thought I'd just start sharing them with you. Here is today:

As detailed by this link from CBS, here is a list of the five deadliest cities in the United States ans d their homicide rate per 100,0000 residents. As a reference point, the US homicide rate average is 4.6 per 100,000 (FBI Uniform crime report for 2017).
# 5 - Cleveland - 33.7 per 100,000
#4 - Detroit-39.7 per 100,000
#3 - New Orleans - 40.6 per 100,000
# 2 - Baltimore - 51.1 per 100,000
#1 - St. Louis 64.9 per 100,000 (14 X more deadly than the US average)
Now what do all thes cities have in common? More than 20 years of Democrat rule (Mayors and city council majorities) 
Now you might ask "Why did Chicago (with a murder rate of "only" 24 per 100,000) not make the top 10? The answer is simple. If you look at the murder map of Chicago , you will find that the vast majority of murders in Chicago occur on the City's south and west sides and very few in the heavily populated downtown area.
So what mean? There is an old saying that the "Average American" has one breast and one testicle but good luck trying to find one.  What the statistics mean to the residents of the City of Chicago is that if you live in one of the affluent areas of Chicago, you are relatively safe but if you live in any of the southern or western districts, you are probably living in one of the most dangerous places in the United States.

I told you they were good


I CAN'T DECIDE IF THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE GREAT OR HORRIBLE But here's the new trailer for the new Judy Garland movie.

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