Denver Brewery Offers Early Morning Happy Hour for "Night Shift Heroes"

FlyteCo Brewing Taproom (Photo: Connor Shreve/KOA News Radio

The co-owner of FlyteCo Brewing, Morgan O'Sullivan is married to a nurse. Naturally, he's sympathetic to the scheduling challenges his wife faces. Still, he admits the idea of offering a morning happy hour belongs to his other half.

"It was my wife's," says O'Sullivan. "We went to breakfast and she said, 'Why don't you do something for people who work overnights, and give them a chance to see your space and decompress after a long night shift? And if they want to get a beer while they talk about work, they don't have to go to a dive bar, they can go somewhere cooler.'"

So, shortly after FlyteCo Brewing opened, O'Sullivan put the idea to the test.

"Every Monday from 7-11 am, we do 'night shift heroes happy hour' to try to take care of anybody working the night shift," says O'Sullivan. "We have a lot of nurses, fire fighters, police officers and red-eye pilots. That's who we're trying to target this to, but anybody who wants to have a beer is more than welcome."

The early returns are positive.

"We already have a geologist from an oil rig that just worked a 12-hour shift sitting next to me," says O'Sullivan. "Everybody seems pretty excited for us to do something special and give them a discount on good beer early in the morning."

In it's early stages, many customers hear about the event by word of mouth.

"We have a Facebook page for the nurses and its been publicized there," says one customer. "It's really a nice place to wind down and hang out with friends and have fun and then go home and crash. What else are you going to do after a night shift and three beers."

O'Sullivan isn't sure if the Monday morning happy hour will be a permanent fixture at FlyteCo. But at least for the foreseeable future, beer drinkers will be able to quench their morning thirst at FlyteCo every Monday morning from 7-11 am. Did I mention the beers are 30% off?

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