Spaceport Gets Closer to Launching Tourists From Adams County

An agreement between Adams County's Colorado Air and Space Port and Japanese-based PD AeroSpace brings the possibility of space tourism from Colorado a step closer to reality. Under the agreement, the two companies will work together to explore the possibilities of the development and expansion of PD AeroSpace, LTD.’s commercial activities at the Colorado Air and Space Port. 

“This letter of intent is a key component in building relationships with aerospace companies across the globe and for Adams County to provide a launch site,” says Dave Ruppel, Director, Colorado Air and Space Port. “Colorado has been coined ‘Aerospace Alley,’ and partnerships like this ensure it will remain a major destination for this industry.”

PD AeroSpace, LTD. is a spacecraft manufacturer currently developing a reusable sub-orbital spaceplane for micro-gravity testing, space tourism, and eventually point-to-point transportation. Their spacecraft uses a patented propulsion system with dual jet and rocket technology to achieve sub-orbital flight. The company intends to use Colorado Air and Space Port for the horizontal launch of this space plane.

“There was an instant connection between PD AeroSpace and our delegation through our presentations and tour of their facility in Hekinan City,” said Commissioner Steve O’Dorisio. “Similar to our operation at Colorado Air and Space Port, they (PD AeroSpace) are rapidly accelerating their pace of innovation with ambitious plans and the technical expertise to achieve their goals of operating in Colorado and around the world.”

Located at the former Front Range Airport in Watkins, Colorado Air and Space Port accommodates aircraft making horizontal takeoffs and landings. CASP was issued a site operator’s license by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2018.

“PD AeroSpace was being pursued as an operator by other spaceports in America, so this agreement is a significant achievement for Colorado Air and Space Port,” said County Manager Raymond Gonzales. “This effort will contribute to a vibrant commercial space industry in Colorado, serving the needs of government, science, commercial and industrial applications.”

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