Polis Leading Charge for Electric Cars

Governor Polis has signed an executive order designed to support Colorado's transition to zero emissions vehicles.  Polis drove up to the Alliance Center in Denver in Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera's electric car to hold an news conference about the order.

Polis said the adoption of electric cars, trucks and buses is part of his plan to get Colorado using 100-percent renewable energy by the year 2040.

The executive order does the following things :

Creates an interdepartmental transportation electrification workgroup to develop, coordinate and implement state programs and strategies to support transportation electrification.

Directs the Department of Health and Environment to create a rule establishing a zero emission vehicle program.  That rule is to be submitted to the Air Quality Control Commission by May of this year.  

Requests that $70 million from the Volkswagen emissions settlement be used to build charging stations and support the electrification of trucks as well as transit and school buses.

Directs CDOT to develop an electric vehicle policy to support programs and investments for widespread transportation electrification. 

Gov. Polis Signs Executive Order

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