Rare Mickey Mantle Card Displayed in Denver

A rare Mickey Mantle baseball card is being displayed for a limited time at the History Colorado in the final days of the Play Ball exhibit.

In 1952, the Topps company had a late printing run. That year cards sales were down and a warehouse full of cards was dumped into the East River in New York. Only three of the cards, in mint condition, are known to exist.  The one on display belongs to Denver collector Marshall Fogel. 

Fogel bought the card for $120 thousand dollars in the 90's. One estimate from Forbes puts the card's current value at $10 million.

Fogel keeps the card inside a bank vault. On Wednesday, the card was delivered by armored truck to the museum and is being displayed under 24 hour guard. The card will be on public view through this Sunday. 

Collector Marshall Fogel

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