Dave Kopel of Independence Institute on Mexico Suing USA Over Guns

Dave Kopel is the Director of Research for the Independence Institute here in Denver. He's also an accomplished constitutional attorney with particular expertise in the Second Amendment.

We'll discuss the lawsuit threatened by the nation of Mexico against the United States over the flow of weapons from the US to our neighbor to the south.

Dave argues that the Supreme Court should not permit the lawsuit to take place.

Dave Kopel - Independence Institute (i2i.org)

Amicus brief (official argument to the Supreme Court by someone who is not a party to the case): s-w-v-mexico-5-22-24.pdf (nrapvf.org)

Wyoming Professor Tells Supreme Court Not To Let Mexico Sue Gun Makers | Your Wyoming News Source (cowboystatedaily.com)

From 2011: MEXICO COMES KNOCKING (davekopel.org)

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