Mon Blogcast: Danielle Jurinsky's great win; More Biden classifed docs

Just One Thing: You're being ripped off every time you buy sugar

The US sugar market is as close to being a cartel as any industry I’m aware of in this country. Full of distortions, tariffs, subsidies, politicians who do the bidding of the well-organized and very wealthy sugar magnates, the sugar industry represents precisely what’s wrong with cronyism. It’s NOT crony capitalism because it’s not capitalism at all. A futures contract called Sugar #11 represents world sugar prices whereas Sugar #16 represents us prices. Because our government restricts imports to protect those sugar millionaires and billionaires, while the world price of sugar is just under 20 cents per pound wholesale, US sugar is around 37 cents a pound, about 90% higher. Now think about how much sugar is used in the US every day, how much is spent on it, and remember that because of government it’s almost twice as expensive as it should be.

Check this out from the FEE article linked just below:

Federal sugar policy costs consumers $3 billion a year and is America’s least efficient welfare program. In the 1980s, sugar import restrictions cost consumers $10 for each dollar of sugar growers’ income. The USDA ceased tracking sugar farmers’ income, but a University of Minnesota study estimated that sugar-beet farmers in that state lost an average of $300 per acre in 2013. Actually, the sugar program imposes costs on other farmers, since heavily-subsidized beet farmers bid up farmland rental prices higher than they would otherwise be.
Food manufacturers that use sugar are hostage to a byzantine combination of price supports and arbitrary import restrictions (such as those that torpedoed the Mexican supply). As a result, producing candy and many other food products is far more expensive here than abroad. Since 1997, sugar policy has zapped more than 120,000 jobs in food manufacturing, according to a study by Agralytica, an economic consulting firm. More than 10 jobs have been lost in manufacturing for every remaining sugar grower in the U.S.

Why Americans Pay Triple the World Price for Sugar - Foundation for Economic Education (


One More Thing: The ridiculous folly of electrifying cars and grids

Just read this

Today's Guests

Trinidad Rodriguez spent much of his career financing "social infrastructure" such as low-income housing. He is running to be the next mayor of Denver.

Home | Trinidad4denver


Before Danielle Jurinsky won her seat on the Aurora City Council, she was on a talk radio show where she criticized then-Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson. Wilson's girlfriend, a nasty piece of work called Robin Niceta, called Arapahoe County Family Services and said that she saw Jurinsky sexually abuse her (Jurinsky's) 3-year-old son.

Danielle just won massive vindication (and a lot of money that she'll never actually see) and she joins us to talk about this horrific experience.

Judge orders former social worker to pay councilwoman $3 million in defamation lawsuit (

Arapahoe County child protective worker charged in retribution plot ordered to pay $3 million to councilwoman who filed lawsuit | Colorado Watch |

About — Danielle For Aurora


Chris Stevens of RecruitMilitary will join us briefly to let veterans and family members of veterans and soon-to-be-veterans know about tomorrow's Virtual Job Fair where lots of companies will be looking to hire:

Western Region Virtual Career Fair is tomorrow 11 AM to 3 PM. 

Jobs for Veterans, Veterans Job Fairs | RecruitMilitary


Other Stuff

Democratic pundits are saying this is a nothingburger but with ANOTHER group of classified documents now found at Joe Biden's home, the public is taking real notice of Biden's hypocrisy and incompetence.

More classified documents found in new search of Biden's home (

64 percent in new poll say Biden acted inappropriately handling classified documents (

Even Dick Durban is calling out Biden: Democrats ding Biden on documents even as they push back against GOP - POLITICO


Yes, Colorado's new "cage-free egg" law would increase the cost of eggs in our state, but it doesn't have much impact when the chickens are dead. Avian flu is by far the biggest factor nationally in the sky-high prices of eggs (though seems to have been a very slight moderation in the past week or so). And avian flu is actually hitting Colorado worse than almost any other state.

Worst Avian Flu in U.S. History Is Hitting Poultry, Wild Birds, Even Bears: Egg-laying flocks in Nebraska, Colorado and elsewhere have been decimated (


This story about school segregation (and desegregation) in Denver is really interesting: A Denver school fights to stay integrated 50 years after Keyes - Chalkbeat Colorado


I'll never stop talking about this ridiculousness: The costly stupidity of the recycling religion (


The "mainstream media" is full of liberals who love unions and love covering small unionization efforts like at some Starbucks stores or individual Amazon warehouses. But despite their wanting us to think we're in a new golden age for unions, it's very very much not the case: US union membership rate hits all-time low despite campaigns | AP News

That said, unfortunately the public seems to still like unions to a fair degree: Union's revival isn't translating into more members (


There's a special place in hell... 3 men charged with selling drugs to girls in exchange for money and sex in Longmont | FOX31 Denver (


There were rallies around the nation this weekend to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Roe v Wade Supreme Court decision...or, if you're pro-life, celebrating it's overturning in the recent Dobbs decision. Abortion will remain a politically important issue going forward. The biggest challenge right now seems to be getting legislatures in conservative states to go along with exceptions for rape and incest, and for emergency medical procedures that might, in the imagination of some, fall under the category of abortion. Even in pro-life states, lots of people want a little wiggle room in their abortion restrictions/bans, and even in pro-choice states lots of people want some restrictions on late-term abortion.

There's also apparently a debate about whether a woman who gets an abortion should be held legally liable (which is not currently the case in any state).



This is beyond incredible. It's almost incomprehensible:

Legacy Survey Sky Browser

Today's Videos: Coincidentally, two Southern Hemisphere animal videos


Toadzilla, a giant cane toad found in Australia, may be a record-breaker |

If you like baby African animals, and who doesn't, you'll love this as much as I do

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