Ross Tues Blogcast:Terry Hayes (I hope); Christian Toto; It's Friday for me

Today's Guests

If all goes according to plan, my first guest will be Terry Hayes. He was born in England, got famous when living in Australia, later moved to Hollywood but will be joining us from Portugal where he has been stranded for almost 2 years from his wife who is at their home in Switzerland. Got all that? I don't think I've ever had a guest on the show for a book that he wrote several years ago but I just finished "I Am Pilgrim" and thoroughly enjoyed it. Add to that the fact that Terry co-wrote Mad Max 2 aka "The Road Warrior" as well as some other huge Aussie movies including "Dead Calm," which arguably launched Nicole Kidman into the big-time, and I think this is going to be a heck of a conversation...if we can make the technology work so that Terry and I can communicate through he radio station on Zoom (so that he and I can hear each other and you can hear us both. Wish me luck!)

Joan Lawrence is the senior vice-president of Standards and Regulatory Affairs at the Toy Association. My question for Joan is simple: When we see a list of "the worst toys", does she trust the motivation of the people who put out such a list and if not, why not? And, of course, why should folks just trust the industry? (Not saying I don't trust them...I just think it's a fair counter-point question.)

And our third guest takes us back to the good friend Christian Toto is one of the few right-of-center movie/media critics you'll find. He used to write for Breitbart; now he's the proprietor of and he has a new book coming out in two months, "Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul." I suggest you pre-order it today! See below for links related to some of the stuff Christian and I will discuss.

Great writing about Thanksgiving, including someone who shares my view on turkey

I'm not sure whether you'll need a subscription to read these...sorry if you do need it and don't have it.

Opinion | The roast turkey was bequeathed to us by Satan - The Washington Post

The Desolate Wilderness - WSJ

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NASA's first effort to deflect an asteroid starts tonight

NASA’s DART Mission Launches from Vandenberg Tuesday – NBC Los Angeles

NASA's DART spacecraft will smash into asteroid to test planetary defense tool : NPR

That's one heck of an investment

Subway co-founder Peter Buck, who turned his $1,000 investment into a multibillion-dollar franchise, dies aged 90 (

Uber vomit fraud (I kid you not)

Colorado woman victim of 'Uber vomit fraud' |

Christian Toto conversation links

Home - Hollywood in Toto

Williams sisters' biopic takes Hollywood on a conservative turn | TheHill

AmazonSmile: Virtue Bombs: How Hollywood Got Woke and Lost Its Soul: 9781637580998: Toto, Christian, Klavan, Andrew: Books

Disney Superstars Mourn Convicted Pedophile - Hollywood in Toto

With movie theaters struggling, AMC gets into popcorn business — Quartz (

Red Notice is a huge hit for Netflix. But what does that really mean? - Vox

Today's Video

OK, this is just silly but I like wacky engineering projects so how about the world's biggest Nerf gun?

Watch: Alabama engineer builds world's largest Nerf gun -

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