Mon Blog: Is Marriage Still Worth It?

IS MARRIAGE WORTH IT ANYMORE? I saw this story about how one psychologist is saying that marriage is going by the wayside and honestly, this makes me incredibly sad. There are a bunch of reasons for this and allegedly they show why marriage rates are falling as if that's a good thing, but when you get right down to it, people are just selfish narcissists in many cases. Marriage is hard, but the rewards are so, so many. One thing this article doesn't mention is children, who study after study have shown to benefit the most from married parents in a committed relationship. We shall discuss today.

DANIELLE JURINSKY WON BIG IN HER CASE AGAINST A FORMER CASE WORKER We've spoken to Danielle about her experience with the ex-romantic partner of former Aurora PD Chief Vanessa Wilson, who in a fit of pique, decided to file a false child abuse claim against Jurinsky. Jurinsky sued and won and now has been awarded $3 million bucks in the case. Danielle joins me at 12:35 to discuss it.

CAN THE GOVERNMENT STEAL YOUR HOME EQUITY? We talked about this a couple of weeks ago and now there is case being heard at the Supreme Court about it. The case is Tyler v. Hennepin County, and in it a 94 year old woman is fighting back against the government which took ALL her home's equity when she was delinquent on a much smaller amount of property taxes. This case has and can happen in Colorado under our current laws and it's fundamentally wrong. I hope Ms. Tyler beats the pants off Hennepin County. We'll talk to attorney Dan Deerson at 2.

FBI STATS SAY POLIS IS A LIAR And I sure hope someone in the media he deigns to speak with will ask him about his lies. In his State of the State address Polis said that Colorado was "in the middle of the pack" when it comes to crime, but he was engaging in wishful thinking. The Denver Gazette dug in here. It's more like we're number 2 in property crimes and number 3 in violent crimes, though not all law enforcement agencies report to the FBI so the list is incomplete. Unless Polis can show us his numbers, he is lying about crime in Colorado and it happened under the watchful eye of Democratic leadership.

DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO MICRO MANAGE BUSINESSES NOW And this is going to hit restaurants and coffee shops right in the gut. Here is an article that casts a rosy glow on this new proposed bill that would dictate to business owners how they schedule and pay their workers. If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you know that on a slow night, servers are often "cut" early and sent home because there aren't enough customers. I've been in that position MANY times and sometimes if I'm broke, I'd ask another server if they wanted to be cut early instead, but many times I was stoked to leave. Now the Legislature is going to force businesses to pay worker for two hours for every hour they are sent home early and other nonsense. If this passes, expect many servers to spend far too much time doing things like cleaning the restaurant for server's pay instead of getting tipped. This is another bill written by people who have never run a business. Here is an editorial in Gazette explaining how bad it really is.

JON CALDARA HAS A COLD And unlike other people, he's written a column (a very funny tongue in cheek one at that) about his bravery in the face of such illness. Read it here for a chuckle.

HEY LADIES, WANT TO SKI NEKKID? Now's your chance although it sounds like a lot of work and I can only imagine falling down skiing naked but if this sounds good, read more here. Men, you are not allowed unless you are "femme leaning" person and I have no idea what that actually means.

POLIS LOVES LOCAL CONTROL FOR GUNS BUT NOT FOR ZONING proving once again that Jared Polis only likes local control when it means MORE control, not less, I present to you the beginning of the State taking over zoning issues that have ALWAYS been handled at the local level. In an effort to create more affordable housing, the state, which has NOT fixed the law making it very unappealing to build condos that they passed years ago, wants for force municipalities to approve projects they maybe aren't approving now, while doing away with things like zoning restrictions on multi-family projects and things like that. The proposals are going to support increased density and would allow duplexes, triplexes and quads on single family home lots, WHILE NOT REQUIRING PARKING SPACES FOR ANY OF IT. We have no actual proposal yet, but this again shows our Governor to be the OPPOSITE of the libertarian he wants to claim he is. Read more here.

COLORADO IS DEAD LAST WHEN IT COMES TO MENTAL HEALTH And perhaps this is one of the reasons we are so high in mass shooting incidents. Read more here.

TIME TO GET REAL ON MORTGAGE RATES, PEOPLE If I hear one more person talk about how high mortgage rates are now I may scream. Right now, today, they are WELL BELOW the average rate since 1970. This article does a good job of showing how they have underperformed compared to inflation recently. If you want to buy a house, do it. I'm not sure rates are coming down very much for a long while at this point, and if they do, you can refi. Date the rate, marry the house.

FIVE MAYORAL CANDIDATES WITH NO REAL IDEAS ON HOW TO FIX DOWNTOWN This is bad news, because man of the five on this panel are likely top contenders for the job and they brought NOTHING of substance to the table when asked about how to fix downtown. They regurgitated the same ideas that we are already doing that aren't working so far. I want a mayoral candidate whose entire position is, "we are going to make it impossible for people to remain on the streets in Denver" and nothing less. Read more of the fluff here.

OH LOOK, MORE CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS HAVE BEEN FOUND AT BIDEN'S HOME And if you keeping score at home, this is the third such instance of finding classified documents lying around for Biden, in two DIFFERENT locations. But I'm sure it's fine, just ask people who hate Trump who are now contorting themselves to make it seem like this is totally different and nothing to see. I sure hope they went through Jill's underwear drawer, just to be sure they got them all, as they did Melania's.

HOW EVERY SOUTHERN STATE LEARNED TO DRIVE This is hilarious because it's true.

COULD ULTRASOUND WAVES BE THE KEY TO FIGHTING AGING? I usually don't show studies on mice only because they more often than not do NOT translate to humans, but this one is interesting because it would probably be easy and relatively harmless to try on humans. It seems that mice treated with ultrasound waves actually appeared to get YOUNGER as they got zapped. Read more here.

WHY YOU SHOULD SUPPLEMENT WITH VITAMIN D A LOT of people are deficient in Vitamin D and it's only gotten worse with the rise of sunscreen. This article has a bunch of ways Vitamin D affects you positively. If you choose to supplement, make sure you get pharmaceutical grade D or you may not be getting what you think you're getting.

MINDFULNESS WORKS AS WELL AS DRUGS FOR ANXIETY I've been working on mindfulness as of late and this just reinforces my work. A new study shows that for people with a mid level of anxiety, doing mindfulness activities is JUST AS EFFECTIVE as medication. However the exercises had an additional benefit of breaking the anxiety loop, where one's anxiety creates MORE anxiety and so on. Read more here and then buy a good book on mindfulness.


A VAST MAJORITY OF DENVER PD SHOOTINGS INVOLVED AN ARMED SUBJECT COMMITTING A CRIME I feel like this should get more play in the media and hats off to Fox 31 for doing this. When you look at the data, police are shooting people who are a danger to police or others with very few exceptions.

THE RAZZIE NOMINEES ARE OUT! And the award for the Worst of Movies goes to... well we don't know because they haven't been announced, but check the nominees here.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, RABBIT! It's the year of the Rabbit in the Chinese calendar and here is a little taste of what that actually means.



CONGRATS TO JAMES CAMERON ON MAKING HUGELY GROSSING FILMS As Avatar 2 just barreled over the $2 BILLION dollar mark. Here is a list of the movies that have made over two billion bucks directed by James Cameron. The man knows what people want apparently. Notice how many of them have gone woke. The answer is none.

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