Tue Blog: Stuff You Got Wrong Before You Had Kids

THE EVOLUTION OF MEDICINE IS JUST COOL I was talking to Karen Rea and Dr. Gary from Downtown's Healthcare about how much has changed in the ten years they have been doing stem cell injections to help people get rid of joint pain so we're talking about how their process has evolved since then. Find out more about Downtown's Healthcare by clicking here or calling 303-292-9992 for a free evaluation.

IF WE WALK LIKE A SANCTUARY STATE AND TALK LIKE A SANCTUARY STATE... We're a sanctuary state. The Governor is now trying to tell people that Colorado is NOT a sanctuary state even though the STATE adopted formal policies to not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement when it comes to criminal illegal aliens so how are we NOT a sanctuary state. It's kind of funny to watch Democrats run away from the policies they embraced so boldly as a publicity move when no immigrants were actually coming here. It's time to admit that such policies for political show have real world consequences like streams of illegal immigrants showing up in Denver to be taken care of by our friendly and welcoming government.

COME TO THE STOCK SHOW, GET YOUR TRUCK AND TRAILER STOLEN And by the way, two prize show pigs were IN the trailer when it was stolen with the truck. This story is the sort of thing that makes large events not want to come here anymore. I got an email from a friend when I was at the Sportsman's Expo about some friends of his who were in town for the show. Part of the email was this:

As The Colorado Outdoorsman Expo is this weekend at the Colorado convention center and a bunch of the team is here from out of state.
Overwhelmingly the responses from out of state friends has been. Denver is disgusting. Homeless people everywhere , the city stinks, crime. It’s a trainwreck. We need to start talking about how this is going to affect the Denver job market before long. The team is already talking about how we probably should not come back to this event and it hasn’t even started yet.

Denver has some serious work to do or conventions will go to less disgusting places where their vendors feel safe. Update: They did find the truck and the pigs. No arrests have been made likely because the thieves have only stolen three or fewer cars in the last two months.

THE STOCK SHOW HAS UPPED ITS FOOD OFFERINGS And though you can still get the horrible for you but oh so delicious fair food, they've got prime rib and a wine bar for the more sophisticated palates. Read more here, the stock show goes through this weekend.

IF YOU'RE GONNA SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU SHOULD PROBABLY KNOW THE NAME This is just....sigh. This is our President singing happy birthday to the wife of Martin Luther King III. I'd use her name but...you'll see.

WE SHOULD DE REGULATE SHORT TERM RENTALS IN DENVER If you want downtown alive again, it may be time to consider this proposal. A developer is asking for changes to the very restrictive laws around short term rentals he says is needed to revitalize downtown. He's assuming people still want to come here.

AURORA DEMOCRATS WANT TO TAKE OVER THE CITY And they are running a "slate" of candidates to completely take over the City Council and Mayor's race. "Radical candor" lunatic and socialist Juan Marcano wants to be Mayor and if this team wins, Aurora is done.

IF YOU OWN A PISTOL BRACE YOU'RE NOW A FELON The ATF, under the direction of the Biden Administration which is under the direction of Bloomberg and other anti-gunners, has now declared any pistol with a pistol brace is “violating the NFA by possessing an unregistered rifle with a barrel of less than 16 inches.” What makes this especially fun is that the ATF has repeatedly declared the EXACT OPPOSITE several times over the last few years. This is an effort by the Biden admin to single handedly outlaw certain guns they deem unacceptable by going around Congress and I'm sure this will be held to be unconstitutional upon further review as even the bump stock ban was just declared that way as well. What are you supposed to do if you own a pistol brace wearing pistol?

The NFA requires Americans to register all rifles that have barrels shorter than 16 inches and pay a tax of $200, a process that can take nearly a year, or face federal felony charges. However, the law defines “rifles” as guns that are “designed and intended” to be shouldered. The ATF initially determined firearms equipped with pistol braces, which are designed to be strapped to a shooter’s forearm instead of pressed against their shoulder, are not rifles and, therefore, not subject to NFA regulations.

Too bad my pistol brace was lost in that terrible incident on Grand Lake that time. Too bad.

WHEN THE GOAL IS EQUAL OUTCOMES HIGH ACHIEVERS SUFFER If you've not been following along with the story of how Woke is killing some of the best schools in the country you should be. The best high school in the country for a long time has been Thomas Jefferson High School for for Science and Technology but their new leadership is working hard to change that. From doing away with a very difficult entrance exam to forcing training that said clearly that equity is “equal outcomes for every student, without exception” they are discriminating against high performing Asian American students in the name of fairness. Now we know they withheld from students and parents who the National Merit winners were to spare the feeling of children who didn't achieve at such a high level. Those accolades can be the difference between getting and not getting into a chosen school or scholarships. Parents are SUPER MAD and rightly so. This must be stopped and we must embrace meritocracy for our kids because the world embraces meritocracy most of the time.

WE HAVE OUR FIRST CONFIRMED DEATH FROM NOT WEARING A MASK DURING COVID And unfortunately a woman died because she couldn't breathe in her mask (she had COPD) so the mask police threw her to the ground and kneeled on her back while they handcuffed her for not pulling her mask up. She later died from the asphyxiation caused by the security guards who roughed her up, but Canada has decided NOT TO CHARGE the guards with anything even though she's dead. I'm sure they think she deserved it for her selfish actions of wanting to breathe.

WHAT PARENTING JUDGMENTS DID YOU HAVE TO WALK BACK AFTER HAVING KIDS? Everyone is a perfect parent until they have kids, amiright? One mommy blogger asked parents to fess up to what they had to do a U-turn on once they had kids and it's fantastic. I'm asking you guys the same question today!

CONGRATS TO MISS USA FOR WINNING MISS UNIVERSE Even though she had to prance around the stage in this absolute bit of madness to get the crown.

Many are complaining the contest was rigged in order to crown someone of Philippine descent and frankly I don't care because if a woman has to wear that nonsense to win this thing is so ridiculous it doesn't deserve controversy.

CHINA IS NOW ASKING FAMILIES TO HAVE MORE KIDS As the population of China actually SHRANK considerably for the first time this year by more than 850,000 people. As the communist regime has successfully overseen the murder of about 400 million babies under their stupid One Child policy I don't have a lot of sympathy for their issues. Read more here.

MADONNA IS TOURING THIS SUMMER and it's going to be a retrospective of her 40 years of hits and I'm going. I hope she isn't gross and rolling around naked with a face so full of fillers she looks plastic but I have to believe if anyone can pull this off it's Madonna. What band would you like to see before they kick it?

WE'VE GIVEN UP ON RESOLUTIONS And I don't mean that we already gave up on the resolutions we've made, we just didn't make any this year. I am in this camp, although I just changed the language to call them "intentions" for the year instead. A vast majority of Americans have given up even making resolutions so this has me wondering, when you do you gear up for change and how? I'd love to know.

THE CANCER DEATH RATE HAS DROPPED IN THE US IN THE LAST 30 YEARS This is great news! This article from the Wall Street Journal says that better treatments and the vaccine against HPV are to get the credit, though prostate cancer is still an issue as doctors can't decide on whether a PSA test is more helpful than it is harmful. Read more here.

ANOTHER HERO'S THANK YOU These are just lovely.

THE DALLAS ZOO LOST A SPOTTED LEOPARD AND THE INTERNET RESPONDED This Twitter thread is hilarious if you read the comments. They finally found it and say the habitat was purposely cut.

THE NEW MLK STATUE IS BOSTON HAS BEEN OPENED And after I saw the story below on CBS Sunday Morning I can't wait to see it. The internet was not kind because maybe they missed the story of it.

THIS VIDEO IS WHOA Click here if it doesn't load.

NALA IS A GOOD DOGGO Click here if it doesn't load.

LEARNING HOW TO WATCH SPORTS FROM DADDY Never underestimate how closely they pay attention to what we do and how we act. Click here if it doesn't load.

PERFECT WAY TO EXPLAIN HOW RUMORS SPREAD It's a great take on the telephone game with pictures. Click here if it doesn't load.

HERE'S A PROJECT FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS If you've ever wanted to make a super fancy igloo. Click here if it doesn't load.

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