Mon Blog: An MLO Kerfuffle, and An Event with Guns and Bagels

LAST NIGHT BIDEN WAS ON 60 MINUTES And if you missed it WOO-BOY you missed a completely delusional old man who started the interview with this exchange:

He continues on rambling about how great things are and misrepresenting statistics for ignorant people who don't understand exactly how bad his policies have been for our economy. You really should watch it if you want to see an alternate reality from what actually exists. Otherwise I'd advise you skip it because it is full of crap. And don't expect the fact checkers to check him. Read below for more on that.

WHERE HAVE THE FACT CHECKERS GONE? Remember when Trump would fart and someone would fact check whether or not it was an egg salad fart or a broccoli fart in the form of a fact check? Where have they gone as the President and his spokesperson spew completely made up crap? This column asks that question as well.

WHY WON'T A CHARTER SCHOOL GET MONEY FROM DOUGCO IF THERE IS A MILL LEVY OVERRIDE? This is a wonky interview to be sure but again, the way our schools are funded is SO STUPID that this could happen in any district so here we are. I am a huge fan of what they are doing at Ascent Classical Academy in Douglas County. It's a traditional curriculum that helps kids excel. Today I'm going to talk with founder Derec Shuler about why Ascent won't be getting any of the mill levy override and it's a lot more complicated than one might think. He's on at 12:35.

HEY LADIES, WANT TO LEARN ABOUT GUNS AND HAVE SOME BAGELS? Then I've got an event for you this Saturday morning! Guns and Bagels is another cool event from the Colorado Women's Alliance and it's happening Saturday at Bristlecone Shooting. Find out more and register by clicking here! Joni Inman will pop on at 2:35 to talk about it.

WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE NEW BRITISH PM? This column is paywalled but this Substack is worth the money so consider subscribing. From the column:

She had built her career without advertising it—maneuvering around the corridors of power while quietly, studiously keeping her eye on the prize. Few saw her coming for 10 Downing Street. 
Indeed, for pretty much everyone outside Westminster, it just didn’t make sense, this whole Liz Truss-taking-over-the-world thing. Understandably. She lacked presence, charm, charisma. She oozed head-girl vibe—hard-working, bossy, athletic (see, for example, this pic of her running on the Brooklyn Bridge). She was geeky and annoying, and she was weird, and she had a penchant for saying wince-inducing things. Case in point: In 2014, Truss, then Secretary for the Environment, proudly told the Conservative Party Conference: “In December I’ll be in Beijing, opening up new pork markets!” Baffled silence. Then: “At the moment, we import two-thirds of all of our apples, we import nine-tenths of all of our pears, we import two-thirds of our cheese. That. Is. A. Disgrace.” More bafflement, then laughter, but not the good kind. 
It was an odd combination, like Thatcher but with sports bras and a capacity for alarmingly nonsensical statements. If Johnson was the most watchable, virality-making PM in British history, Truss is one of its most awkward.

I'm kind of excited about a nerdy woman taking the reins.

XCEL WANTS MORE OF YOUR MONEY The latest proposal would raise average monthly rates about 300 bucks a year over the next twelve years. As Xcel is a monopoly with the power to demand rate increases from the state board which is filled with sympathetic members this is untenable. Consumers are demanding they turn Xcel down. I would be fine with it if they lowered dividends before they raised rates but I'm guessing that is a fantasy. There can't be a monopoly company that is beholden to stockholders rather than ratepayers. This is awful. I love how at the end of the CBS story they give handy tips for consumers to keep bills down by changing their behavior, but no one has tips for Xcel to save money by changing theirs.

MONK MODE MAY BE WHAT YOU NEED TO GET THINGS DONE I read this article because I am SO BEHIND on LIFE right now. So many projects to do, so much more on my plate than ever and no time to do it. I'm going to propose a month of "monk mode" in my house for October. What is monk mode? It's withdrawing from anything extra to get things done, really. Read more here, but it may require a "free" account. I recommend INC very highly.

CAN I HAVE A MOMENT ABOUT THE MARTHA'S VINEYARD MIGRANT MELTDOWN OF 2022? In a master stroke, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cast the illegal immigration disaster into the spotlight by sending 50 migrants to tony Martha's Vineyard last week. The apoplectic residents of the island demanded federal intervention as their island didn't have the "resources" to deal with FIFTY PEOPLE who came over the border seeking better financial fortunes. The migrants were almost immediately taken to a military base nearby, but not before the residents were left with an "indelible mark" from their 44 hour encounter with poor people. (insert eye roll here) Now the line being touted by the media is breathless exhortations about using "human beings as political pawns" and I just can't. The SAME media which has been ignoring TWO MILLION illegal immigrants who have flowed across our completely unsecured border since Biden was elected is going to make 50 people the issue? Shut up and sit down, with this move Ron DeSantis has done more to bring attention to the border crisis than a truckload of 50 dead migrants did. Democrats have used the Dreamers as political pawns for going on twelve years now. Sit down, and STFU. And let's not forget, the Biden admin started this by shuttling migrants into red states last year. DeSantis just did the same better.

THE THREE TOP MYTHS AROUND ARMING TEACHERS I saw Laura Carno this past weekend at the Independence Institute's ATF party and she was telling me about some of the tech coming online to make it even safer for school staff to be armed and it's INCREDIBLE. This is a great column where she blows up (see what I did there?) three myths around arming school staff.

RE-ELECTION JARED FINALLY ENGAGES WITH THE EPA ON REFORMULATED GAS When the EPA downgraded the Denver metros air quality from Moderate to Serious our Governor did NOTHING. Now the EPA, which is judging us on air quality severely impacted by wildfires from California and other western states, is going to downgrade us into the Severe category which would require us to use the STUPID expensive gas they use in California. NOW the Governor is salty and threatening legal action and whatnot, but I don't believe he's doing this for any other reason than to get re elected. He wants us all out of our cars, and if he can make gas more expensive he probably thinks that would do it. He's horrible. Just horrible.

OUR FAKE LIBERTARIAN GOVERNOR'S GUN LAWS LET CITIES GRAB GUNS The latest is Broomfield where they are moving to further restrict access to firearms. This is just the latest in a long line of progressive lead places that want to make owning a gun very, very hard. Broomfield's regulations are nuts and I hope they get sued and lose their asses.

NO ONE EVER DIES FROM LABRADOR RETRIEVER ATTACKS But we have a horrible story of an 89 year old woman who was killed by two pit bulls. Cue the pit bull owners who cry that pit bulls are just big loveable scamps and it's the ownership that matters. Or it's that some dogs are capable of inflicting serious physical harm that other breeds just don't. I love dogs, but can we all agree that pit bulls are not the best pets? Seriously.

WHERE IS THE BEST BURGER IN DENVER? Yesterday was Cheeseburger Day and I missed it but I'm going to make up for it tonight. Here is a list of the best burgers in the metro are just in case you need it.

WHAT TO DO WITH HARD BUTTER And this is the kind of life hack I can use. If it doesn't load, click here.

ZOOMIES ON FILM! This is amazing! Click here if it doesn't load.

NISSAN RECALLS TRUCK BECAUSE THEY MIGHT ROLL AWAY This seems like it could be a big deal.

DAVID BECKHAM WAITS 13 HOURS TO PAY HIS RESPECTS FOR THE QUEEN with tears in his eyes to do so. Click here if it doesn't load.

WHO HASN'T SCARED THEMSELVES WITH A YAWN? This dog is my spirit animal. Click here if it doesn't load.

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